At Christ, the customer is our focus. The Christ design concept is based on a clear and minimalist aesthetic that stands out from the crowd thanks to its timeless elegance.

We provide a solution to the needs of wash customers who are looking for quality, clarity and uncomplicated design. The absence of over-complicated detail and the focus on essentials instead characterises our modern design principle. The Christ EVO STAR wash tunnel embodies this design concept.

EVO STAR wash tunnels are assembled using a modular system according to individual requirements. Proven technology ensures clean wash results with low consumption for maximum revenue.


to the entrance area

With the Christ modular principle, we offer the option to adapt the arch individually to the needs of our customers, whether as an entrance door, as an illuminated design element or functionally as a soaking arch with spray device.

Highlights and options:
Animated BLADE with green entrance arrows. Programmable moving display in the cross member. Pre-spray device cools the paint and softens the dirt. Motion sensor for automatic vehicle detection. Illuminated BLADE with switchable colours.


Ease-of-use, safe entry and operation

Whether dual-track conveyor with plates, single conveyor with plates or classic double strand chain: Vehicles are transported safely and smoothly. The Christ modular principle allows the conveyor system to be selected individually as desired. A wide range of wash components guarantee clean wheels, whether at a standstill or rotating, regardless of the diameter of the wheel.

Dual-track conveyor with plates: Wide conveyors make entry and positioning particularly easy. Conveyor with plates: Modern conveyor system with plastic plates and wheel driving mechanisms. Double strand chain: Renowned conveyor system with attached plastic rim protection caps.


Attractive additional programmes for more revenue

A special foam programme increases the average wash price and increases the appeal.

FOAM WALL intensively foams the vehicle with a thick foam layer.

FOAM SPLASH is composed of many individual foam water jets flowing down from above.

In both systems, the integrated LED lighting console provides visual support to the foaming process, to the delight of wash customers.


Timelessly clear and minimalist

Following the Christ design concept, the clear design stands out. Two design lines are available:
STRIPE with coloured accents on arches and portals. BLADE with illuminated LED panels. The colours can be customised.

Illuminated BLADE/BLADE-M and a programmable moving display for direct communication with the customer. Display elements for programme indication, programme confirmation or also as exit light.


Concentrated power against dirt

To relieve the pressure on the pre-washer, the right solution can be selected from various Christ high-pressure wash components to increase throughput and shorten waiting times for customers.


TURBOJET-FLEX as contour-following high-pressure cleaning with power rotation nozzles

High-pressure cleaning with moving nozzles for uniform cleaning of vehicle surfaces: JETSTREAM

Static high-pressure pre-wash systems on arches or portals for dissolving and rinsing off stubborn dirt


Intensive cleaning

Rims and sill areas can be thoroughly cleaned with different brush washing systems. The loosened dirt is efficiently removed using the rotating brush trim. The integrated brush watering system ensures gentle and careful cleaning.

Wheel/sill wash device with longitudinal brush — several brushes to remove the dirt. Wheel wash device with accompanying brush enables thorough cleaning of the rims


Cleaned with high pressure

Sill, rims and side area are immaculately cleaned with high pressure.
The different washing units loosen and rinse any remaining dirt with high pressure and ensure a clean wash result that makes cars shine again, just as the customer wishes.

The ROTATION wheel/sill wash device travels with the vehicle to ensure that the rims are cleaned for an especially long time. The oscillating HP MATRIX unit efficiently washes the wheel and sill area over a wide sweep. Thanks to the rotating nozzles, the compact HP TIREJET PRO ensures clean rims and wheel housing. The entire side of the vehicle is washed by the HP TURBOBAR in a space-saving design


Follow the contour for maximum surface contact

All Christ horizontal brush systems clean the front of the vehicle and follow the contour of the bonnet, windscreen, roof and back of the vehicle. At the back of the vehicle, the brushes are guided into the rear area to ensure complete cleaning. Modern closed-loop speed-controlled drives can be set as required, ensuring optimum cleaning results and reducing power consumption in an environmentally friendly manner. All horizontal brush systems are suitable for both vehicle washing and drying with the appropriate trimming.

Free-standing KINEMATIC horizontal brush enables perfect cleaning even at high belt speeds. The FOLLOW-UP horizontal brush can be mounted on the front and rear of the portal in a space-saving manner. The FOLLOW-REAR horizontal brush mounted on the rear of the portal follows the vehicle even more efficiently for long cleaning contact.


Clean all around

From space-saving modules for short wash tunnels to models with perfected all-round wash and extended rear follow-up:
The wide selection of Christ wash/dryer portals meets every requirement. The brushes are equipped with modern, energy-saving drives as standard, meaning that the rotational speed can be easily controlled. The direction of rotation of the brush also depends on the programme and changes with no pause in rotation. Transversely swinging wash elements at the rear can also be attached to the wash portals.

Gearless, energy-saving direct drive as standard. Cross over wash for cleanliness without wash shadows. Rear follow-up for special cleaning at the rear of the vehicle. Different trimmings meets individual requirements. BLADE-M and STRIPE-M design elements increase the attractiveness of the wash tunnel.


The highest level of lateral wash

Three systems with different brushes clean the sides of the vehicle thoroughly and gently.


  • MINI-KONTEX for additional cleaning of the sill area.
  • KONTEX for sill and mudguard surfaces in the side area.
  • VAN-KONTEX for the lateral contour of the vehicle. Due to its distinct profile, the VAN-KONTEX is also suitable in the polishing zone as a side polishing unit for special shine. 


Clean up to the roof

Spoilers and ribbing are distinctive design elements from vehicle manufacturers that are taken into account during the wash. Follow-up brushes, contour-following high-pressure systems or appropriately profiled trimming ensure thorough washing, taking into account the shape of the vehicle.


Preserving that shine

After a thorough wash, the shine is preserved in the care zone: Clear and/or osmosis rinsing systems ensure foam-free shine. Spray devices are used to apply high-performance preservatives to the clean paint for long-lasting shine. The vehicle is ready for drying.


Spray systems via crossbars for spraying the vehicles even before the arch. 
BLADE-M and STRIPE-M design elements increase the attractiveness of the wash tunnel.
Programmable moving display in the cross member


Thorough, all the way to the rear

Powerful blowers dry the washed vehicle. Express dryers and contour-following dryers are available, which use swivelling nozzles to dry all the way to the rear of the vehicle. The use of pre-dryers can further enhance the drying of the blower. Optionally, the blower dryers can be speed-controlled via SMART DRY. This reduces power consumption and reduces noise and costs.

Pre-dryer with swivelling nozzles that dry all the way to the rear of the vehicle. 
Express dryers for wash tunnels with high belt speeds or contour dryers, which are guided as close as possible to the vehicle contour for drying to achieve the best drying result possible. 


Drying from all sides

To achieve a perfect result, we place particular importance on offering our customers a highly effective drying solution for all vehicle types. Swivelling horizontal nozzles initially point against the vehicle and swivel to the rear of the vehicle during the process so that they can dry effectively. The large lateral nozzles blow water droplets from the side of the vehicle. Optional VAN dryers for particularly high vehicles can be switched on separately.. All AEROSTAR blower dryers are equipped with flow-optimised nozzles and fan impellers to remove the residual water in a highly efficient manner. The air intake openings are particularly large to ensure an optimum air flow rate.

VAN dryers available as an option for drying high vehicles.
The nozzle of the contour-following dryer remains as close as possible to the vehicle.


Dry to the last drop

The last remaining droplets are removed from the paint by textile drying units. A large selection of drying portals with brushes and mitters enables individually designed wash tunnels for different system sizes and customer requirements. In the case of mitters, there are optional drying strips with an active replacement system, in which the dry end of the strip can be pulled down quickly and easily while the wet end slides upwards. This is particularly advantageous for wash tunnels with high throughput, as the drying strips are changed quickly. Drying strips can be washed in the washing machine.

Gearless and energy-saving direct drive for brush portals as standard.
Cross over drying for even drying over the entire front or rear.
Rear follow-up for particularly long contact time with the vehicle.


The right accessories

In keeping with the Christ design concept, POS and operating systems, programme confirmation and exit lights have also been designed with a new look. The design of the complete conveyor system has a simplified yet bold look.


    Illuminated BLADE at the service counter, the colour can be changed.



    Programme confirmation with/without price indication so that the customer can see what was selected.




    Exit light with countdown function ensures safe exit.


    The TOUCH START is characterised by its smart design, which offers a flexible mounting option, both standing and in drive-in mode from the vehicle.


High-quality design

The STEELPROTECT standard version already has arches and portals installed in the EVO STAR wash tunnel that are made of high-quality hot dip galvanised steel with additional duplex powder coating. The powder coating serves as additional corrosion protection and facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the components.

In the DURAPROTECT option, arches and portals are made of stainless steel. An additional powder coating reduces the operator’s cleaning time and resource required.


Your choice

Service Concepts

Discover your own customised service! With our easy-to-use selection, you can easily determine the optimal service level for your needs. From preventative maintenance to troubleshooting, repair, spare parts and more, discover our wide range of options. Create your ideal service experience that fits your needs and budget perfectly. Get started now and experience tailor-made, on-demand service.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support provides first-class service to our long-term service partners, including leading petroleum companies and investors. With over 140 years of family tradition and more than 20,000 installed wash systems, we guarantee quality and expertise. Our safety and environmental certifications are proof of our commitment. You can rely on our proven Original Service, Made in Germany, and our free hotline for quick help.

Spare Parts Services

We understand your needs and offer a reliable spare parts supply through professional management and networked cooperation. Decentralised warehouses and service vehicles enable the supply of a wide range of parts locally, and our modern logistics guarantee fast delivery, even abroad. We also know that older wash system models are often difficult to supply with spare parts. This is why we have set up a process-optimised logistics chain at our main plant that holds almost all parts in stock.


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