Water costs will rise disproportionately in the long term because it is a scarce commodity. 

Water consumption has exploded in recent years and is currently growing twice as fast as the world's population. What is the reason for this? As prosperity increases, so does our consumption! We do not drink more water, but we consume more products that need water for production. In the case of direct consumption of water, such as for car washing, we must pay attention to economy. Nothing can be produced or washed without water!

In the event of water shortages, the public authorities are forced to temporarily withdraw operating permits, for example for wash systems.

Take responsibility for a sustainable and economically viable business model.


A team player

With the water recycling system, it is important that the interplay of the elements is as closely coordinated as possible.

The FONTIS water recycling system is optimally integrated into the overall system which includes the tank technology, washing chemicals and service water quality.

A further advantage of the Christ water recycling system is the building approval of the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt Berlin).

The building approval already includes an entire tank system version, ensuring that you achieve optimal results in both water quality and building and operating costs. You benefit from a fast approval process, which is usually completed within a week. In the case of an individual approval without permit, the time-consuming approval process can be more than 6 weeks.


Water recycling system

FONTIS water recycling systems can be scaled depending on the capacity. Whether roll over wash unit, commercial vehicle wash system or wash tunnel, the filter performance can be varied in size.

The physical gravel filtering process has proven itself effective for decades and ensures that your system operates smoothly. This system operates fully automatically and is self-monitoring, so it requires little maintenance. Using gravel filtering as a recycling process ensures high service water quality and a high recovery rate of up to 90% (depending on the road salt content).

Since water is valuable, it is important to be particularly economical with it.

Pure drinking water is too precious for washing vehicles. The washing water used can therefore be recycled in a circular process. In addition to ecological aspects, legal regulations and economic factors, such as the costs for drinking water and sewage, also play a part in this decision.

The Fontis systems have been designed specially for use with vehicle washing plants. In their compact form, they combine all of the technology including the washing water storage tank, a quartz-gravel filter and a booster pump.

Model Quartz-gravel filter Storage tank Filter performance Roll over wash unit Commercial vehicle wash system Wash tunnel
FONTIS-S 1 700 litres 3000 l/h(50l/min) x    
FONTIS-M 1 1000 litres 10,000 l/h(166l/min)   x  
FONTIS-L 2 2000 litres 20,000 l/h(333l/min)   x x
FONTIS-L+ 2 3000 litres 30,000 l/h(500l/min)   x x
FONTIS-XL 2 3000 litres 40,000 l/h(666l/min)   x x


Save valuable fresh water and reduce operating costs with physical purification

The new generation of water recycling convinces due to its excellent service water quality. Harmful substances are effectively degraded in the bioreactor. Continuous circulation and ventilation of the service water prevent unpleasant odours. Solids in the service water are continuously discharged. A backwash process is therefore not required. The capacity of the water recycling system is thus continuously available.

Christ Bioclear has also been approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt Berlin).


Special features of BIOCLEAR

The salt content is continuously measured to prevent spotting on the vehicle. If necessary, fresh water is added automatically. The bioreactor can also be used to treat sewage that contains mineral oil.  The modern PLC controller of this generation offers the possibility of Internet-based machine management and control.

Bioclear can be integrated into the C-IS, whose remote functions can be fully exploited. The attractively designed housing allows installation directly in the wash hall to actively promote the ecological water recycling technology to the customer.


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We understand your needs and offer a reliable spare parts supply through professional management and networked cooperation. Decentralised warehouses and service vehicles enable the supply of a wide range of parts locally, and our modern logistics guarantee fast delivery, even abroad. We also know that older wash system models are often difficult to supply with spare parts. This is why we have set up a process-optimised logistics chain at our main plant that holds almost all parts in stock.


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