Maximum fun when washing manually

Jetwash systems in all variants and sizes with clean lines and shapes combined with a choice colour palette ensures harmonised function and design. We offer a variety of programmes to enhance every customer's washing experience. Up to four wash tools help your customers achieve an optimal wash result conveniently and efficiently.


One step further

Clean lines and shapes combined with a choice colour palette ensures harmonised function and design. The BLADE steel construction has a standard passage height of 3.5 m and is suitable for all common vehicles. It promises excellent freedom of movement in the box. Up to four ceiling booms allow you to create a range of programmes that sets you apart from the competition.


Stop depending on energy suppliers and reduce electricity costs. BLADE SOLAR has a roof made of glass photovoltaic modules. The modules also let some light through, creating a more pleasant environment in the wash box.


Customisable steel construction

With this proven system, you can adapt the wash park to suit your preferences. Choose between various passage heights and widths and make a statement with a unique design. Select the colours and lettering for your wash park and combine a wide range of innovative and attractive solutions.

Universal attic system

The intelligent, impressive lighting concept WASH VEGAS is a real showpiece that is eye-catching even from a great distance. It also makes orientation in the wash box easy for the customer. The colour of the LED stripes indicates the selected wash tool. (HP lance in blue = LED lights up in blue).


High-quality steel construction with unique design

The new HORIZON attic system for our SKYLINE housing system has a clear design and a matching colour scheme. The straight frontage of the attic offers a harmonious overall impression with other buildings, but still stands out.

The prominent, illuminated LED stripe in the lower part can be colour-coordinated, so it integrates even better into the overall site design.


LED roof border HORIZON

Modern industrial design with wing geometry ensures a good wash experience thanks to a light-flooded and transparent design. Your wash customers benefit from a generous work area with a bay width of 5100 mm and a passage height of 3100 mm at the exit. Make your new wash park stand out even more by choosing the optional HORIZON and/or WASH VEGAS lighting concepts. You can freely configure the colour selection at any time.


Programmes for every purpose

We offer a variety of programmes to enhance every customer's washing experience. Up to four wash tools help your customers achieve an optimal wash result conveniently and efficiently. This also helps you stand out from the competition and generates more revenue.


The foam experience

Our BUBBLEGUN offers your customers a fun car washing experience. Thanks to its compact design, the foam lance is easy to operate, so all wash customers can effortlessly clean their vehicles. The foam formation settings can be adjusted to suit your requirements. By using less water, chemicals and electricity, you can save up to 75% on resources and money while increasing your revenue with the additional programmes.


Washing with brushes — on another level

The BUBBLEBRUSH system offers both a unique foam experience and an improved overall wash result. The round brush head has a dense trim that allows you to reach and clean the most difficult areas of the vehicle while also protecting the vehicle's paintwork.


A drying system that provides a perfect wash finish

Ensure your wash customers get an optimal car wash result with our self-service dryer. The DRY GUN offers your customers the ideal finish to a self-service wash and allows the vehicle's shine and cleanliness to be fully appreciated. Your customers are sure to approve of the convenient and simple handling. Your self-service wash customers will be impressed and you will stand out from the competition. The drying process with the DRY-GUN completes the car wash experience for your customers by bringing additional shine to the paintwork. The DRY GUN increases customer loyalty and generates more revenue.


The SKIP and BIG container series offer space for technology from 1 to 9 wash bays. The BIG version is clad with sturdy sandwich elements. The SKIP uses sheet metal cladding with internal insulation.


The car wash technology housing offers various outstanding features. Firstly, it provides a protected housing for thecar wash technology. A sturdy steel frame is used here, which is equipped with high-quality external cladding. The outer cladding of the housing is also insulated, which not only ensures effective temperature protection, but also contributes to noise reduction. In our example, the outer cladding of the housing is made of wood, which not only ensures an attractive appearance, but also contributes to robustness and durability.




The SKIP and BIG container series offer space for the technical components of 1 to 9 wash bays. The BIG variant is clad with robust sandwich elements. The SKIP variant is equipped with sheet metal cladding that is insulated on the inside.

Our solution offers you the ideal protected housing for your valuable wash park technology. The stable steel frame forms the solid foundation on which our quality is built. We do not just rely on robustness, but also complement this with a high-quality external cladding that is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Our insulated external cladding not only provides temperature protection, but also noise reduction. This is especially useful if you want to create a pleasant working environment where efficiency meets comfort. We understand that every nuance is important, and our solution reflects that dedication in every facet.


Single place self-service system

Specially designed for small sites with limited space, the SKIP-XS offers the full performance of a large self-service wash bay system. With low investment costs and an attractive price-performance relationship, the SKIP-XS is the ideal entry-level model for self-service wash stations.

The innovative solution offers a versatile container configuration with up to 6 wash programmes, including the option of osmosis flushing. Configurable integrated frost protection makes it possible to use in a variety of environments. The flexibility is also evident in the heating variants — from electric to gas to heating oil. The integrated operation panel and the TOUCH ME control enable effortless configuration, settlement and data export. In addition, there are several payment options available, including the convenient customer card.


Single place self-service system

The extended container allows motorcyclists to store their equipment e.g. helmet, gloves, backpack etc. in a dry place so that it is not soaked during the washing process.

MOTO-SKIP offers the option of an additional drying programme. The drying equipment is installed on and guided by a swing boom for convenient handling. The drying nozzle rapidly removes surplus water over a large surface area. A powerful lateral canal compressor works in the background, using plenty of air to ensure a good drying result.


Model Dimensions* Door system Access Spaces** Free surface area***
SKIP-XS L 1.6 x W 1.0 x H 3.7 m 1 single cabinet door no max. 1 none
SKIP-M L 5.3 x W 1.0 x H 2.6 4 double cabinet doors no max. 3 none
BIG-L L 6.1 x W 2.4 x H 2.8 m 1 access door yes max. 6 none
BIG-XL L 9.0 x W 2.4 x H 2.8 m 1 access door yes max. 6 max. 6 m²
BIG-XXL L 11.9 x W 2.4 x H 2.8 m 1 access door yes max. 6 max. 12 m²
BIG-DOUBLE L 6.1 x W 4.6 x H 2.8 m 1 access door yes max. 9 max. 6 m²

* These are rough measurements and are only used in order to provide a product overview. For a binding installation and foundation plan, we are happy to make technical planning documents available with binding specified dimensions.
** The container is designed for this maximum number of bays (wash boxes plus open sky wash bays). It may be necessary to choose a larger container depending on the container equipment chosen.
*** This free surface can be used for other installations or as a storage area. This may be reduced depending on the container equipment chosen.


Your choice

Service Concepts

Discover your own customised service! With our easy-to-use selection, you can easily determine the optimal service level for your needs. From preventative maintenance to troubleshooting, repair, spare parts and more, discover our wide range of options. Create your ideal service experience that fits your needs and budget perfectly. Get started now and experience tailor-made, on-demand service.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support provides first-class service to our long-term service partners, including leading petroleum companies and investors. With over 140 years of family tradition and more than 20,000 installed wash systems, we guarantee quality and expertise. Our safety and environmental certifications are proof of our commitment. You can rely on our proven Original Service, Made in Germany, and our free hotline for quick help.

Spare Parts Services

We understand your needs and offer a reliable spare parts supply through professional management and networked cooperation. Decentralised warehouses and service vehicles enable the supply of a wide range of parts locally, and our modern logistics guarantee fast delivery, even abroad. We also know that older wash system models are often difficult to supply with spare parts. This is why we have set up a process-optimised logistics chain at our main plant that holds almost all parts in stock.


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