The future in sight

Our operating device series has the right solution for every site. From wall and foot installation, money change dispenser and the shop terminal through to the WASH APP and network systems, the series has everything required to operate the wash system and manage the site. Our new TOUCH technology is operated in a similar way to a smartphone and has a self-explanatory user interface to make it easier for employees and customers to use. Christ user terminals offer a vast choice in order to adapt to your operating concept and reduce administrative costs thanks to sophisticated network systems.


It's that simple

The modern user interface of our product offers a user-friendly experience, which is made even more intuitive by touch operation on a generous 10.1 inch monitor. Even in high sunlight, legibility is guaranteed, so you can use our product at any time without worrying about poor visibility.

A special highlight is the BLADE option, where you can design the lighting according to your individual preferences. Choose between illuminated or non-illuminated mode and adjust the accent colours to your personal taste. This gives your device a personal touch and allows you to customise it to your liking.

We attach great importance to durability and corrosion protection. Our product is therefore equipped with maximum corrosion protection to ensure that it works perfectly even in adverse conditions and will enable you to enjoy it for a long time to come.

In addition, our product can be easily combined with the Christ shop terminal and VENDOR to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your requirements. This gives you additional opportunities and flexibility to use our product in a variety of business environments.

Highlights: Our premium device has a modular design that can be equipped with a variety of self-service payment methods.

  • Transponder card reader for customer cards
  • Barcode scanner that easily recognises wash codes
  • Bank card reader with pin pad, NFC reader
  • Ticket printer
  • Mounting kit for coin validator


Small and smart

Our basic machine control device provides a solid foundation for versatile applications. Vandalism protection is available as an option, which further increases the safety and longevity of the device.

A major advantage is the compatibility with the Christ shop terminal and the VENDOR, which considerably extends the application possibilities and enables seamless integration into existing systems.

For additional functionality, the TOUCH START can be optionally extended with a barcode scanner, which increases the efficiency and accuracy of operation.

The flexible mounting option allows both stationary operation and use from the vehicle in drive-in mode. This ensures that the device meets the individual requirements and preferences of our customers.

In addition, our product can be easily combined with the Christ shop terminal and VENDOR to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your requirements. This gives you additional opportunities and flexibility to use our product in a variety of business environments.


Your employee

Our electronic employee for your site. The innovative self-service payment terminal is equipped with all interfaces for connecting to your Christ car wash systems. The user-friendly touch interface quickly and easily guides your wash customers through the payment process. The fact that customers can use loyalty cards with VENDOR machines helps to ensure better customer retention.

Available options:

• Up to 3 coin hoppers
• RFID card reader
• Card issuer
• Barcode scanner
• Bank note reader
• Electronic coin tester
• Credit card terminal
• Fleet cards
• Mobile payment


An all-rounder in your shop

Thanks to TOUCH technology, the Christ Shop Terminal is easy to use, even for staff without any prior knowledge of the product. The pre-set wash programme selection and the connection to the cash system enable fast processing and increase customer satisfaction. In addition to the ticket system, a customer card can also be used for better customer retention. The device also helps with billing control, records each wash in the shift accounting and logs booking processes.


  • With card system
  • Interface to the cash system
  • Fault indication in the cash system
  • With TSE unit


Contactless payment for a faster wash. Using the Wwwash app helps to increase the throughput performance of your roll over wash unit. By selecting the desired wash programme directly, the customer can pay via the Wwwash app.

The Wwwash app offers the following functions:

・Direct invoicing to end customers
・Placement of special promotions
・Flat rate washing with fleet management function
・Payment by credit card, wash credit

Want to save time while sitting comfortably? No problem!

In conjunction with the "automatic start" function, the roll over wash unit can be started directly via the Wwwash app, allowing waiting times to be reduced for the next wash customers.

What are the requirements for this?

1. A roll over wash unit and/or wash park
2. The Wwwash app
3. Provider agreement


Networking with a difference

The Christ Information System opens up completely new possibilities for your daily system operation. The web-based C-IS gives you access to your system's operating data from all Internet-enabled devices. C-IS gives you remote access in real time to machine data such as the current machine status, chemical fill levels, error logs and number of washes - for the entire operation and broken down into individual wash programs. The analysis of optimum machine utilization helps you to develop effective marketing campaigns. In this way, you can easily and simply increase your wash figures and your profits. The remote maintenance module allows you to analyze and rectify faults remotely. This allows you to reduce maintenance costs and increase your machine availability. With C-IS, you can also organize the remote configuration of the system, including software updates.

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Your choice

Service Concepts

Discover your own customised service! With our easy-to-use selection, you can easily determine the optimal service level for your needs. From preventative maintenance to troubleshooting, repair, spare parts and more, discover our wide range of options. Create your ideal service experience that fits your needs and budget perfectly. Get started now and experience tailor-made, on-demand service.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support provides first-class service to our long-term service partners, including leading petroleum companies and investors. With over 140 years of family tradition and more than 20,000 installed wash systems, we guarantee quality and expertise. Our safety and environmental certifications are proof of our commitment. You can rely on our proven Original Service, Made in Germany, and our free hotline for quick help.

Spare Parts Services

We understand your needs and offer a reliable spare parts supply through professional management and networked cooperation. Decentralised warehouses and service vehicles enable the supply of a wide range of parts locally, and our modern logistics guarantee fast delivery, even abroad. We also know that older wash system models are often difficult to supply with spare parts. This is why we have set up a process-optimised logistics chain at our main plant that holds almost all parts in stock.


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