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The Sparkling One

CADIS is a powerful, modern roll over wash unit of the next generation with a wide range of equipment options and two design lines. This model was specially developed for particular requirements of gas stations, wash centres and the basic equipment version for small maintenance operations. An essential feature is that the CADIS meets the new Christ standard (low emission, high performance) and convinces with very small outer dimensions and maximum wash width / height. The variable drying concept and a modular system enable the machine to be precisely adapted to the requirements of the location. Low investment costs, consumption and maintenance costs guarantee maximum revenue for the operator.

Vitesse programme sequence:

  • active foam, lateral high-pressure and brush wash in only one portal pass
  • new wash experience
  • 20 % more turnover / revenue

  • Highlights:

  • SILENT-drying system
  • 15% more drying performance
  • optimized blower body
  • less flow losses
  • horizontal high-pressure contour following
  • vitesse programme sequences
  • XL-wheel wash device
  • enlarged brush diameter
  • VISUS display | traffic light function | wash programme steps
  • compact outer dimensions
  • OPTIFLEX-inclined position of the lateral brushes
  • Besondere Merkmale

    Warum eine CADIS Waschanlage von Christ Wash Systems?

    Rear facing PREMIUM
    Rear facing PREMIUM

    Modern and high-quality machine optics for locations that can be seen at the exit

    Rapid wash equipment
    Rapid wash equipment

    Optimal extension for the programme sequence:

    forward cycle wash, backward cycle drying


    Optimum contour scanning of the lateral vehicle surfaces due to pneumatically controlled inclined position of the lateral brushes


    Design line

    CADIS Bürste Seitenspritzschutz

    Design line STRIPE:

  • attractive design even in the basic version
  • individual choice of the STRIPES colour according to the Christ colour palette
  • optional:
    1. positioning light left and/or right (arrow forwards, stop, arrow backwards)
    2. pictogram display with 5, 6 or 8 fields
    3. splash protection for horizontal and lateral brushes
    CADIS Bürste

    Design line BLADE:

  • PREMIUM design line
  • individual choice of the BLADES colour according to the Christ colour palette
  • optional: splash protection for horizontal and lateral brushes
  • coloured VISUS display for an attractive customer communication
    1. traffic light function: (arrow forwards, stop, arrow backwards)
    2. wash programme steps are displayed
    3. indicates system failure
    4. displays max. vehicle height / width


    Technical Future

    Trimming for the wash highlights:

  • enlarged diameter of side and horizontal brush
  • optimized immersion depth for better wash result
  • increased velocity of circulation
  • faster lifting drive of horizontal brush
  • 1/3 greater density of trimming
  • higher wash performance

  • Specially co-ordinated wash materials:

    Available colours:

    | RAL 9007 grey aluminium
    | RAL 9005 deep black
    | RAL 5015 sky blue
    | RAL 6024 traffic green
    | RAL 6018 yellow green
    | RAL 3000 flame red
    | RAL 2009 traffic orange

    Possible coatings for STRIPE and BLADE

    | RAL 7021 black grey
    | RAL 9006 white aluminium
    | RAL 650-M Christ standard
    | RAL 5015 sky blue
    | RAL 5002 ultramarine blue
    | RAL 6024 traffic green
    | RAL 6018 yellow green
    | RAL 3000 flame red
    | RAL 2009 traffic orange
    | RAL 1023 traffic yellow

    Power from All Sides

    High-pressure pre-wash

  • Wheel high-pressure with two or four rotating nozzles
  • Lateral high-pressure with four or six rigid nozzles

  • Optionally selectable:

  • contour following horizontal high-pressure with eight nozzles (additional portal pass)
  • 15% More Power

    Flow-optimized drying system

  • SILENT-drying system
  • Four-motor blower system
  • Widened XL horizontal blower (+150 mm) with 2 x 3 kW
  • Specially designed for light commercial vehicles and SUVs
  • 100 mm deeper lowering of the horizontal blower
  • Lateral blower 2 x 4 kW / drying height 1,750 mm
  • Anodised horizontal / lateral blower

  • Optionally selectable:

  • Fly-In drying
  • pneumatic swivelling of 30° in the rear area
  • Better Wash Result

    Our recommended options

    Season chemistry

    Season chemistry

    Optimal dissolving of insects before main wash

    HP wheel, sill wash device

    HP wheel, sill wash device

    Main soiling is removed before mechanical vehicle wash

    Spray system rim-chemistry

    Spray system rim-chemistry

    Brake dust is dissolved in a controlled manner and guarantees an optimum rim result


    Underbody wash device, swivelling

    Underbody wash device, swivelling

    Swivelling underbody wash device

    Optional: extendable via segments

    Mobile underbody wash device

    Mobile underbody wash device

    With length measurement and lower water consumption

    Operation Terminal

    Touch Pos & Touch Start

    Wall installation

  • modern user interface
  • touch user interface 10.1 inch

  • Self-service variants:

  • transponder card reader
  • PIN Code system
  • barcode scanner
  • integrated bank card terminal
  • modern user interface
  • touch user interface 10.1 inch
  • wall installation

  • Self-service variants:

  • PIN Code system
  • Higher Throughput

    +45,8 % machine capacity

    Thanks to optimized programme sequences and the Vitesse option, CADIS offers up to 550 washes more machine capacity.

    *Note: the monthly machine capacities shown are not binding and depend on external factors such as opening hours of the wash system, weekly wash days, programme design, machine equipment, customer frequency, machine height, vehicle lengths, machine parameterisation, etc.


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