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Nutzfahrzeug Vorreiniger

TRUCK PRECLEAN ist ein alkalischer Spezialreiniger zur Vorreinigung der Fahrzeuge in Nutzfahrzeug-Waschanlagen. Er wird mittels einer in der Waschanlage vorgesehenen Sprüheinrichtung aufgetragen. Der dadurch angelöste Schmutz lässt sich bei der nachfolgenden Bürstenwäsche leichter abwaschen.


Truck Active Shampoo

TRUCK WASH is a special brush shampoo, which has been specially developed for thoroughly cleaning vehicles in utility vehicle wash systems. This product helps to keep the washing material clean. The vehicle is prepared for the rinsing process with utility vehicle drying agent.



Truck Gloss Drying Aid

Special drying agent with run-off effect for utility vehicle wash systems and rail vehicle wash systems that are not equipped with blower dryers. The product is applied via a dedicated rinsing device in the wash system. TRUCK DRY allows the water film to run off, stainfree.


Pre-Cleaner For Rail Vehicles

TRAM PRECLEAN is a strongly acidic special cleaner for pre-cleaning rail vehicles. It is applied with a dedicated spraying device in the wash system. The mineral dirt (e.g. overhead line dust) dissolved in this way can be washed off more easily during the subsequent brush washing.



Active Shampoo For Rail Vehicles

TRAM WASH is a strongly alkaline special brush shampoo, which has been developed for thoroughly cleaning rail vehicles. It is either dosed directly into the train/tram wash system for brush washing, or applied via a chemical pre-spraying device before the main wash.



Since 1963, Otto Christ AG has remained one of the leading manufacturers of car wash systems in Europe. The Christ company offers a wide array of products, ranging from roll-over wash units, wash tunnels, tram and train wash units, polishing units, truck & bus wash units, self-service wash parks to water recycling systems.


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