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AIR-FIT - Fragrance concentrates

Fresh fragrance is synonymous with cleanliness and a recognition factor. With the pneumatic fragrance dispenser AIR-FIT from Christ, the wash hall/car wash centre can be scented as desired. The dispen ser can either be activated by the wash system, a timer or manually. The spray duration and intensity are adjustable. AIR-FIT fragrance concentrates from Christ CAR CARE are available in practical interchangeable bottles and refill canisters.


 Output 1 kg fragrance concentrate: approx. 8,000 spray pulses (with 1 sec. spray duration per pulse)


Since 1963, Otto Christ AG has remained one of the leading manufacturers of car wash systems in Europe. The Christ company offers a wide array of products, ranging from roll-over wash units, wash tunnels, tram and train wash units, polishing units, truck & bus wash units, self-service wash parks to water recycling systems.


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