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that are of interest to me. I hereby consent to my data being used for these purposes. Information about data transferral: I am aware that Otto Christ AG and its subsidiary companies pass on data for the aforementioned purposes to associated companies that are commissioned with dispatching promotions. Furthermore, the operator of the marketing automation platform used by Otto Christ AG is technically capable of accessing my data.

I hereby consent to Otto Christ AG acquiring, storing and processing data, documents and images that I provide or that have been made accessible to Otto Christ AG from alternative sources, for the purpose of project execution. Furthermore, I consent to the project-related transmission of these project-related documents and data to third parties made known to me.

You can find further information on our data protection policy on the internet, by visiting: www.christ-ag.com/privacy Objection: I am aware that I can object to the use of my personal data for the specified purposes and that this data can be deleted free of charge.
To initiate this process, simply send an informal email to datenschutz@christ-ag.com

I accept the new data protection policy of Otto Christ AG. I would like to be kept informed via the following communication channels: