MULTI JET - Wash Park Systems

Pre-wash space for car wash units

Attractive complementary offer

The possibilities of a manual pre-wash increase the attractiveness of your wash unit.
Heavily soiled vehicle areas can be pre-washed by the wash customer before the actual automatic wash.

Simple usage

The instruction sign informs your wash customer of the five steps necessary for operation.

Trouble-free handling

The deck rotary ensures easy handling of the high-pressure hose and lance around the vehicle.
After ending the manual pre-wash, the high-pressure lance is returned to its special holster. This tidy
solution in turn keeps the high-pressure hose out of the path of the car wash entrance.

Powerful cleaning

The supply device works with a powerful 85 or 120 bar.

Further advantages for you as unit operator:

With the new MULTI JET, all of the usual problems associated with portable high-pressure systems are now
problems of the past. Problems such as:
being ill-suited for self-service, not protected from frost, must be set up at the start of operation
and put away at the end of operation, higher space
requirement in or in front of the wash hall, high-pressure hose in vehicle area.

A profitable additional offer for your wash customers


With flange plate, completely galvanized. Height of gallow 3.370 mm, Bracket arm 2.300 mm. The bracket arm can carry either a single deck or a double deck rotary head.

Coin receiver

Shock proof plastic casing for wall mounting, clear text display for indication of sum of money. Operation duration can be individually adjusted by means of a timer control.

Instruction sign

Clear pointers instruct the wash customer on how to use the equipment.

High-pressure lance

Pistol in frost safe design, length 650 mm or 1.050 mm incl. high-pressure hose.

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Wir schonen nicht nur die Umwelt,
sondern auch Ihren Geldbeutel


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Heizkosten sparen

Bis zu 25% Einsparung beim Heizmedium durch den Einsatz energiesparender Brennwerttechnik.

Zusätzliches Einsparpotential beim Einsatz von Solarkollektoren zur Wassererwärmung.

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Wasser sparen

Bis zu 80% Einsparung von Frischwasser bei den Waschprogrammen Heißwachs und Glanzspülen durch das serienmäßige Christ Niederdruck-Auftragverfahren.

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Strom sparen

Bis zu 45% Einsparung am Stromanschlusswert bei den Hochdruckversorgungseinheiten.

Höhere Lebensdauer der Hochdruckversorgungseinheiten und mehr Laufruhe durch Langsamlauf.

Frequenzumformer optional zusätzlich kombinierbar.

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Individuelle Farbgebung

Individuelles Attikadesign

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Chemie sparen

Bis zu 80% Einsparung von Heißwachs und Regeneriersalz bei den Waschprogrammen Heißwachs und Glanzspülen durch das serienmäßige Christ Niederdruck-Auftragverfahren.

Service station supply and other

Washing accessories are very important for a good car wash. Those who rely on high-quality washing utensils can expect an optimal and scratch-proof car wash. In our shop you will find all necessary accessories from the washing bucket to the dry cloth.

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We have the right financing model for you! It is important to have a tailored financing model that meets your specific needs. VR Leasing & MMV Leasing are our long-standing partners in the area of this financial service. As market leader, our cooperation partner has more than 20 years of experience in this sector.


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