Wash Park System

SKYLINE – Variable steel construction for all needs

The new Wash Park System SKYLINE is just the right solution for everyone. This system can be expanded as required so that both small and large DIY Wash Centers are possible. The attractive and functional construction offers customers a practical wash bay width of 4.900 mm and a standard passage height of 3.200 mm. The steel construction can be designed with a flat roof or with a translucent round roof. The box partition walls are either made from canvas with sandwich plate elements or with toughened safety glass (ESG), in a smoky grey color.


Eye-catching design for effective advertising. Weather resistant plastic fascia with customized special foil on aluminum profiles. Integrated in upper aluminum profile: White LED light strips for fascia lighting. Integrated in lower aluminum profile: Colored LED light strips (RGB) allow the fascia to make a good impression on passersby even at greater distances.

6 Basic colors for the lower LED light strips (RGB) can be selected from using the “Touch Me” control and week days and time areas can be positioned (e.g. installation green, Tuesday blue, etc.)

The highlight is the modern fascia with LED lighting, which is included in the standard scope of delivery. The attractive fascia design is especially an eye catcher at twilight. Innovative LED technology in comparison to lighting systems with fluorescent tubes enables power savings of up to 70%. LED lighting does not only save electricity but it is also low-maintenance (average burning duration is up to 10 x longer than fluorescent tubes) and sheds light evenly without flickering and without UV radiation.

The SKYLINE combined with the powerful wash bay technology from Christ is an operation cost optimized complete system, which offers full customer advantages.

Multi-functional combination possibilities
Wash park system SKYLINE – from 1+1 to 7+0


Example fascia element design


We not only protect the environment,
but also your purse

Save heating costs

Up to 25% savings on heating substances = fuel through the employment of condensing boilers (fuel saving technique).
Additional savings potential by employing solar collectors for warming water.

Save water

Up to 80% savings on fresh water (and respective drainage water fees) for wash programs hot wax and gloss rinse (osmosis) via the Christ low-pressure application process.

Save electricity

Up to 45% savings in electricity costs for high-pressure supply devices. Increased life duration of high-pressure supply devices and improved running smoothness via slow running. Frequency conformer can be additionally combined.



Individual colouring

Individual Attikadesign


Save chemicals

Up to 80% savings on fresh water (and respective drainage water fees) for wash programs hot wax and gloss rinse (osmosis) via the Christ low-pressure application process.

Service station supply and other

Washing accessories are very important for a good car wash. Those who rely on high-quality washing utensils can expect an optimal and scratch-proof car wash. In our shop you will find all necessary accessories from the washing bucket to the dry cloth.

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