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Christ Information System (C-IS)

Access to washing unit – any time and from everywhere

Web-based Christ Information System (C-IS) provides operators with completely new options in daily operation and offers new business opportunities. Washing units and external systems like security cameras for example are connected with the central Christ server via secure internet connection Operators get worldwide access to process data of the system with any web-enabled device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Operators of single wash stations can easily control their system by remote-control, without having to be constantly on site. Operators of large wash parks receive a central access point by C-IS for operation and management of their sites. Important operating data such as chemical levels and functions such as the integrated machine self-test are available in real time. Furthermore C-IS gives the operator at any time a quick overview of sales, distribution of the washing programmes, washing times, etc.

This database can be used easily for example to optimise the revenue potential of the installation with specific analysis and the development of individual marketing activities.

The C-IS remote control module allows, with an appropriate maintenance contract, the Christ customer service or certified dealers to remotely analyse and resolve interferences. Customer service operations on site are limited to a minimum, and extensive cost savings in the after-sales service are realised. C-IS also allows a remote configuration of the system, including software updates. Machine availability - and thus your revenue potential - rise significantly. These are the reasons why C-IS is used successfully in particular by operators of multiple facilities and sites, operators of self-service car washes without local staff, in units far from service sites and by innovative wash business operators.

Your benefit:

•  Central, user-friendly remote access to the system

•  all operator relevant information available in real time

•  Extensive operating data available for specific marketing analysis

•  Higher system availability due to faster response time of customer service

•  Cost savings in the after-sales service due to remote maintenance

•  Integration of video surveillance systems in the wash bay

Following functions are available
Support management • real time problem report to operator and Christ help desk
  • proactive elimination of faults with full maintenance contract
  • always complete overview of malfunction history via ticket system
Function management • monitoring of system status via Christ help desk
  • Daily functional system check by integrated self-test
  • monitoring of chemical levels if available with system type
  • configuration and software update with online access
Standard version • real-time access to display/analysis of system counter reading
  • real-time access to display/analysis of malfunction history
  • analysis of up and down times
  • access to single machines
Premium version (additional features) • access to individual machines machine groups or wash parks
  • export function (pdf csv xls)

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Since 1963, Otto Christ AG has remained one of the leading manufacturers of car wash systems in Europe. The Christ company offers a wide array of products, ranging from roll-over wash units, wash tunnels, tram and train wash units, polishing units, truck & bus wash units, self-service wash parks to water recycling systems.


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