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Christ Shop Terminal (C-ST)

The modern terminal for check-out/payment area

This handy and easy to use device with a graphical user interface and touch control panel is located next to the cash register at the store. With it, the sale of car washes is carried out according to predetermined programmes and wash programme numbers. By entering the wash programme number, the integrated printer generates a ticket for the wash customers. The device also includes additional functions whereby the operator can control turnover and sales.


The shop terminal can also be equipped with a transponder card reader. E.g. prepaid cards or multiple wash cards are used. The cards will be upgraded via the shop terminal. Each wash is recorded in the shift report. In the operating unit of the washing system, the card is either cancelled or the balance remaining recorded. This booking process is logged in the shop terminal.

Your benefit:

• Basic function with ticket system

• No washing without control

• Optional card system

• Optional interface to the POS system

• Optional fault indicator in the checkout area

• Easy to use

The Premium version of the C-ST is being connected to the wash unit by network cable, Wifi or electric cable (Powerline) and thus allows for manifold operational modes. The Standard version does not dispose of this connection and hence allows only for the sale of individual wash codes (tickets) and optionally transponder cards.


C-ST / Device version Standard Premium
Execution kabellos data cable
Number of connectable machines on site max 6 max 6
Day / shift counter
Day / shift print-out
Shift print-out with serial number
Time and date on the shift print-out
Paperless operation
Adjustment of the ticket validity period
Possible validity of tickets 1 day to 100 days 1 day to indefinitely
Number of active tickets (unused stored) 250 Unlimited
Single tickets
Multiple tickets (1-20 washes)  
Happy Hour Tickets (differenzierte Preise)  
Promotion Tickets (say 3 for 2)  
Ticket check/ Verification  
Ticket Cancellation  
Goodwill Ticket  
Adjustable Header / footer 5 + 5 lines 5 + 5 lines
EAN code of goods
Bar code for bar code scanner
Adjustable access code (layer code etc.)
Fault indicator  
POS interface (subject to surcharge option) Huth Tokheim Bungalski T-Master Huth Tokheim Bungalski T-Master
Second Terminal (Master / Slave)  
Bauseitige LeistungenPre-conditions provided by customer 1 x 230 V socket 1 x 230 V socket Laying data cables from the checkout to the washing plant

Available for:



Since 1963, Otto Christ AG has remained one of the leading manufacturers of car wash systems in Europe. The Christ company offers a wide array of products, ranging from roll-over wash units, wash tunnels, tram and train wash units, polishing units, truck & bus wash units, self-service wash parks to water recycling systems.


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