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START of the CHRIST CAR WASH DAYS 2020 - Be part of the Christ Group

CAR WASH DAYS 2020 •  a lot of space for new ideas let the CAR WASH DAYS start Christ presents a completely newly developed product family in CHRIST-DNA With the Christ CAR WASH DAYS, Christ AG is creating a new platform for information and communication

The new VEGA

The VEGA - Design meets efficiency The VEGA in the new CHRIST design DNA. Our new VEGA system is designed to meet the highest possible requirements set by customers looking for a premium washing service.

Christ trainwash for Go-Ahead-Germany

NANO FINISH - Gloss sealing & paint protection for every season of the year

The perfect paint sealing as the key to a successful wash business with an attractive chance of return The premium range of chemicals from Christ satisfies the highest claims in the wash sector. The high-quality formulas are perfectly matched to the requirements of modern wash systems. They are outstanding due to their extremely sparing consumption combined with top performance, resulting in optimised costs per wash. Christ recommends the new NANO FINISH, the Nano Premium protector, for car wash systems in the domain of preservation/paint sealing. NANO FINISH provides maximum gloss sealing with a long-lasting water-repellent effect and clear visibility through front and side windows.


Bright prospects for self-service washing make for enthusiastic car wash customers BUBBLEBRUSH SHAMPOO for a unique and intensive washing experience A new product has been added to Christ’s wash bay chemicals range. Our new BUBBLEBRUSH 2 in 1 deep-shine shampoo combines two functions: Washing and polishing

The BLADE wash park steel construction system

The BLADE wash park steel construction system. Functionality and design in perfect harmony The new BLADE steel construction system provides a perfect blend of clear lines and shapes with a pre-selected colour range. The combination of state-of-the-art product design and technology constitutes an appealing overall concept for you and your customers.

The PREJET for effective pre-wash equipment

The PREJET, For effective pre-wash equipment. The new PREJET combines effective cold water pre-wash equipment combined with a state-of-the-art design. The wash system is particularly attractive to customers, as they can manually deep clean heavily contaminated parts of their vehicle before it moves on to the automated car wash.

ORBIT - A vacuum cleaner with state-of-the-art technology and outstanding design

ORBIT - A vacuum cleaner with state-of-the-art technology and outstanding design The elegant vacuum cleaner that is both convenient and efficient These completely redesigned vacuum cleaners from Christ not only feature high-end technology, they also impress users with their state-of-the-art design.

The new supply shelf from CHRIST

The new supply shelf from CHRIST. What’s on the inside matters too. The centrepiece of your wash bay is a completely revised system. The new high-pressure shelf from Christ has been designed to meet the needs of operators and helps you to save time and money.

Christ Container SKIP-M The doors are wide open

SKIP-M. The doors are wide open. Containers from Christ have always been modular in design and suitable for use in new buildings and modernisation projects. The previous “COMPACT” series provided enough space for the entire mechanical setup of up to three washing stations.