Drying zone


Blowing dryer

Pre-drying blower AEROPRO

Front side extension set made from galvanized and painted steel, designed for the basic frame of the drying blower AEROFLEX. An AEROPRO consists of two pivoting pre-drying devices with integrated blowing motor (pivoting sequence through frequency controlled electromotor). The pre-drying devices are additionally equipped with pneumatic air vent flaps for air stream guidance. The air stream is initially directed from above against the vehicle’s front. The pre-drying devices pivot offset with the vehicle and align the air emission angle against the vehicle’s rear. The pivoting  equence enables the airstream to be held longer on the vehicle, which in turn achieves optimum drying results.

Drying blower AEROFLEX-1

Sturdy portal frame made from galvanized steel with duplex powder coating. Roof drying: A rigid roof jet made from anodized aluminum and two energy optimized blowers each with 7,5 kW motor performance and smooth running air wheels. Side dryer: 2 rigid side jets made from anodized aluminium, an energy optimized blower per side jet with selectively 7,5 kW or 5,5 kW motor performance  and smooth running air wheels. Optional installation: Pre-dryer AEROPRO or VAN dryer jets

Drying blower AEROFLEX-2

Frame material, side drying and add-ons same as AEROFLEX-1 but with alternative roof jet. Roof drying: A contour following telescope roof nozzle with light barrier system and electrical lift drive, two energy-optimized blowers (7,5kW or 5,5kW performance available) and smooth running blower wheels.

Optional dryer add-on: Van dryer:

For the optimizing of the drying in the upper side area. Two units with one blower each (performance: 3 kW) and a mounting console for the Aeroflex frame. Height, inclination and angle are manually adjustable.

Drying blower AEROFLEX-3

Frame model, side drying and attachment options as with drying blower AEROFLEX-1, but with alternative roof jet: Roof drying: Contour-following and up to 25° swivelling roof jet made from anodized aluminum, with light barrier system, swivelling motor and electric lifting drive and two energy optimized blowers (each 5,5 kW motor performance).

Double dryers AEROFLEX-4

The double dryer AEROFLEX-4 is a space-saving and effective drying unit, which is especially suitable for short washing lines. Due to the small installation space and the low blower connection value of around 30 kW, this double dryer can also replace a single dryer and thus optimise the drying result in the washing line. By the use of 2 contours following and at the rear 45° swivelling roof nozzles a double drying of the horizontal vehicle surfaces and at the rear area is accomplished. Each roof outlet has 2 integrated, energy-optimised 3.8 kW fan fans. The double side drying takes place via a total of 4 rigid air outlets (2 left, 2 right), which are supplied by two 7.5 kW fan fans with optimised air flow. All fan motors are combined as standard with smooth-running impellers that reduce energy consumption and are an integral part of Christ Greenline's strategy. The AEROFLEX-4 can optionally be extended with a pair of VAN auxiliary dryers to cover the side drying area above 1,600 mm.

Optional frame design:



Textile drying aggregates

Drying portal Evolution EVO-4S, 2 cylinders and 1 crossmitter

The 2 front mounted side cylinders dry the the vehicle’s front, side and rear. The right cylinder’s (EVO-1 cylinder) opening movement is controlled by active power measurement on the electric brush  drive, brush pressure controlled by a tension spring system. The left cylinder (EVO-4 cylinder) opens mechanically on the vehicle’s front by the vehicle’s forward pushing movement and follows in on  the rear area mechanically because of the adjustable slanted position of the X-Rail travelling tracks (centre crossover). The electrical crossmitter then dries horizontal and upper side surfaces of the vehicle.

Drying portal Evolution EVO-1, 3 Cylinders

The Follow-UP roof brush dries the horizontal surfaces and the rear area of the vehicle. The Cylinder ascends via an electric lift drive at the vehicle front and pursues the vehicle rear (pneumatic angle adjustment). The contouring side cylinders dry the vehicle front, side and rear areas. Cylinder opening controlled by active power measurement on the electric brush drive, Brush pressure controlled by a tension spring system. By using the special SENSODRY material a certain gloss effect is reached on the surface.

Drying-mitter swinging crosswise, free-standing

Sturdy frame made from galvanized steel with duplex powder coating and plastic doors. The electrically driven drying mitter with its 4 DURAPROTECT receiving rockers for drying textile moves crosswise to the conveying direction of the vehicle. The mitter is installed following the blowing dryer. Its textile strips dry up remaining water drops on the vehicle’s horizontal and upper side surfaces.


Drying strips

TEDDYTEX® Drying strips

In this model, the Teddytex strips are mounted in the dryingmitter’s 4 rockers and are attached in the clamping strip. Clamp strips are opened when changing out the material. Drying strips are  exchanged and are clamped down again.

TEDDYTEX®-MICROTEX-Drying strips with active change system

„Active change systems“ – basic carriers are mounted in all 4 rockers, in which the drying strips are mounted. Drying strip ends are simply pulled down and moist ends heavy from wetness slide up.  Two-coloured textile stoppers prevent them from slipping out of the basic carrier and show the personnel, which strips have alreay been switched out. This enables material exchange even while the machine is in operation. Trimming: Teddytex strips for the front two rockers, extra absorbent Microtex strips for the back two rockers.


The rocker strips are washeable in the wash machine and can be dried in the wash dryer.

Wash tunnel concept

EVOLUTION - General technical specifications




Operational concept

Short wash (serviced wash tunnel)

High-Level (serviced wash tunnel)

High-Level (Express)

Pit length

18.450 mm (minimum)

26.575 mm (minimum)

46.075 mm (minimum)



Individual colouring


¹ up to 50 cars / h

² up to 80 cars / h

³ up to 110 cars / h







and much more.

Service station supply and other

Washing accessories are very important for a good car wash. Those who rely on high-quality washing utensils can expect an optimal and scratch-proof car wash. In our shop you will find all necessary accessories from the washing bucket to the dry cloth.

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