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Clear rinse systems

Clear rinse arch, aluminum profile arch, non-illuminated

All portals installed in front of the clear rinse arch are generally supplied with recylced water. In order to prevent recycled water getting mixed into the wax or drying aid application zone, all vehicles must be rinsed off preliminarily. This ensures that the drying aid or the wax optimally reacts and the drying results are good.

Clear rinse device, mounted on the front-side of the aluminum premium arch

The clear rinse fan spray jets are installed on the front side of the extension and serve as a fresh water shower in front of the conservation arch. Vehicle passengers have full sight of the conservation arch, as there is no free-standing frame. The extensions can be shortened for short wash tunnels.


Conservation systems

Conservation spray device, aluminum premium arch, LED lighting

Attractive conservation arch made from powder coated aluminium, front-side covered with transluscent, labelled plastic plates. The background illumination in the arch is completely designed with  LED technology. A rear mounted, corrosion resistant drying aid spray pipe (with own dosing pump) is standardly included. This arch can also be obtained without illumination (a nonilluminated version). Equipment options for additional wash programs:

Equipment options for additional wash programs:

  • Foam wax spray pipe
  • Special wax spray pipe
  • Osmosis spray jets extension
  • Osmosis spray string mirror area

Air dispenser AIR-FIT, mounted on the backside of the spray arch

Pneumatic air dispenser for automatic fragrance diffusion in the wash hall. The Air-fit is activated by the wash unit with the spray duration being adjustable. The release button can also be used for  manual spraying. The dispenser is mounted on the backside of the aluminum premium arch or on the DURAPROTECT arch (air-pressure unit must be provided by the customer). AIR-FIT can be mounted on the foam, polishing or wax arch and can either be sprayed generally or according to the program. Advantage of mounting to conservation arch: The blowing dryer sucks the air molecules up and distributes these with the air stream throughout the outside area of the wash center. Depending upon the local situation e.g. the scent can also be detected within the vacuuming  area. A fresh scent is indicative of a clean environment and is recognized by customers.

Osmosis system

Osmosis flushing device, mirror area

For rinsing the inside of the mirror with osmosis water (permeate). The pipe system contains two spray nozzle units per vehicle side and is mounted on the rear side of the aluminium premium elbow (preservation sprayer).

Osmosis system, for Christ wash tunnels

For the supply of softened and demineralised water (permeate) to the Christ osmosis rinsing units. The osmosis rinsing is used for the stain-free drying of residual drops on the vehicle which have remained after the blower drying. The system includes an appropriately designed softener and osmosis system with storage tank. The osmosis system is available with an output of up to 500 l/h or 750 l/h.

Osmosis flushing device, mounted on the back of the aluminium premium bow

For rinsing the vehicle with osmosis water (permeate). Two outriggers are mounted on the rear side of the aluminium premium bow. The special fan nozzles provide a beading rinsing with little pressure (principle of a watering can).

Wash tunnel concept EVOLUTION - General technical specifications




Operational concept

Short wash (serviced wash tunnel)

High-Level (serviced wash tunnel)

High-Level (Express)

Pit length

18.450 mm (minimum)

26.575 mm (minimum)

46.075 mm (minimum)



Individual colouring


¹ up to 50 cars / h

² up to 80 cars / h

³ up to 110 cars / h







and much more.

Service station supply and other

Washing accessories are very important for a good car wash. Those who rely on high-quality washing utensils can expect an optimal and scratch-proof car wash. In our shop you will find all necessary accessories from the washing bucket to the dry cloth.

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