• Mounting kit MAGNUM / TAURUS

• Air outlets made from anodised


• Pivoting blower units

The requirements of a modern commercial vehicle wash unit are ever increasing. Years ago, the focus was only on the vehicle wash, whereas nowadays, holistic concepts for the commercial vehicle are required. In addition to a qualified wash result, the subject of drying using our fully-automated AEROPRO drying blower is also dealt with.

We now offer our AEROPRO high-performance dryer in our commercial vehicle range. The outstanding feature of our AEROPRO drying blower is that the air flow starts by being directed towards the front of the vehicle slanted from above. By pivoting the blower units or air outlets, the air current (always from above) can be directed towards lateral vehicle sections or roof and rear sections. The variable attachment can be attached to one of our MAGNUM and TAURUS commercial vehicle wash units.

Recommended Christ chemistry:


Technical characteristics:

• Motor power: 2 horizontal blowers with 7.5 kW

• energy optimised with smooth-running fan impellers

• electric swivel drives

AEROPRO - High performance dryer

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