Self-service cleaning system


Your self-service cleaning system from Christ Wash Systems



Variable steel construction for all sites

  • Attractive and variable design
  • Spacious work area with a wash box width of 5,100 mm and a passage height of 3,200 mm (alternatively 3,550 mm)
  • Roof designs: trapezoidal sheet flat roof or transparent round roof
  • Bay partition walls: available in different versions
  • Optional: universal attic system and cladding for pillar for the external vertical pillars

    Universal attic system

  • Optional equipment for the SKYLINE steel construction
  • Promotionally effective for free-standing self-service wash bays
  • Optionally available with energy-saving LED lighting
  • Different attic designs available
  • LED lighting for attic system


  • Optional equipment for SKYLINE attic
  • For improved perception at dusk and during the winter months
  • Available lighting concepts: ‘White’ or ‘Colour’

  • self-service-without-lighting

    Attika ohne Beleuchtung


    Attic with ‘Colour’ lighting concept

    In addition to the white lighting strips, an RGB lighting strip is integrated into the lower attic profile. Adjustable lighting optics at the desired time (6 colours to choose from).


    Attic with ‘White’ lighting concept

    An LED-lighting strip in the upper attic profile, white light colour for illumination of the advertising surface.


    Cladding for pillar

  • Optional equipment for the SKYLINE steel construction
  • Impressive appearance at the entrance and exit
  • Panelling for the external vertical pillars and housing for the gutter outlet pipes
  • Optionally available with WASH VEGAS RGB LED effect lighting
  • Cladding for pillar Skyline

    Versatile combination possibilities



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