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If you were to ask which features are available for the PRIMUS the answer would be very simple: All of them! As the flagship of the Christ product range the PRIMUS has a lot to offer: Besides standard features like cross over wash, computer controlled brush pressure and contour-following dryer the PRIMUS is equipped with the newest revolution in car wash system, the Direct Drive.

This innovative motor system does not need any gearboxes and is able to change the speed of the brush at the blink of an eye. It is controlled by specially developed frequency converters and  opens up a whole dimension of new wash programs. In addition to the Direct Drive the major strong suit of the PRIMUS is the unique drying concept with contourfollowing  roof dryers, tilting side  dryers and the AddDry option for high vehicles.

These features will give you simply the best drying result that is currently available. All brush materials are of course available, so you can equip your machine with PE, SENSOFIL, SENSOTEX or  SENSOMIX. The PRIMUS is targeted towards operators with high end clientele or high end petrol stations.

Unique drying system

The contour-following and rotating main dryer, the tilting side dryers and the optional van dryer AddDry all work together to achieve the perfect drying result. Since the AddDry upgrade reaches up to 2.57 m, even high SUVs and transports will leave the machine spotless and dry.



A new innovation made by Christ: With a special pattern of wax nozzles and temporarily higher rotation rate of the side brushes any program with wax is sped up considerably. You will be able to get up to 40% shorter wash times and still get the same, perfect result. More details on page 42



Exclusively available at Christ: This combination of active foam,  oscillating high pressure and brush wash can save up to 20% time per wash. With one feature you can have up to 20% more turnover and your clients will enjoy the performance of the powerful jets. More details on page 40


Direct drive

Another Christ-exclusive: The Direct Drive for roof and side brushes disposes of the old gear box based technology and uses frequency converters to control the brush speed. Beside energy savings of approx. 10% this means that if you switch wash materials you can simply adjust the machine with a software update, no work on the hardware necessary. More details on page 51


Technical details



Premium Plus

Capacity / Month

to up 1500 washes


Direct drive for brushes



Individual colouring


Active foam

Rim cleaner

Seasonal chemicals

Insect remover


Drying aid

Foam wax

Special wax (water)

Special wax (air)


Service station supply and other

Washing accessories are very important for a good car wash. Those who rely on high-quality washing utensils can expect an optimal and scratch-proof car wash. In our shop you will find all necessary accessories from the washing bucket to the dry cloth.

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We have the right financing model for you! It is important to have a tailored financing model that meets your specific needs. MMV Leasing is our long-standing partner in the area of this financial service. As market leader, our cooperation partner has more than 20 years of experience in this sector.



Leasing with FA


The total acquisition costs for the leased asset are fully amortized over the term of the lease agreement..


Leasing with PA


The total acquisition costs for the leased asset are only partially amortized over the term of the lease agreement.



Hire purchase


This type of contract involves the sale of a leased asset in installments by the lessor to the lessee. Ownership of the hire-purchase item shall not automatically pass to the hirer until payment has been made in full.



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