These unique products have been specially designed to make your car wash an aromatic experience. Our fragrance concentrates are the ideal complement to the car wash and provide a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance during and after the car wash. Give your vehicle a fresh and invigorating scent. Discover more about our fragrance concentrates and how they can take the atmosphere of your car wash to a new level.


Spring fragrance concentrate

Immerse yourself in the invigorating freshness of spring every time you visit your car wash with the AIR-FIT ALPINE Spring concentrate. This specially developed fragrance concentrate fills the air in your wash system with a stimulating touch of alpine spring that pampers your senses and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

The AIR-FIT ALPINE Spring fragrance concentrate is designed to enhance the washing experience in your car wash. As soon as you move your vehicle through the wash system, you will be accompanied by the refreshing scent of spring, reminiscent of blossoming mountain landscapes and clear mountain air. This fragrance concentrate adds an extra dimension to your car wash process by appealing to the senses and leaving a pleasant fragrance.


Sunrise fragrance concentrate

Bring the feeling of a bright sunrise to life with the AIR-FIT SUNRISE fragrance concentrate. This fragrance concentrate captures the warm and uplifting nuances of a sunrise, transforming your surroundings into a place full of freshness and energy.

The AIR-FIT SUNRISE fragrance concentrate has been created to invigorate your senses and create a welcoming atmosphere. The fragrance takes you to the magical hour of the morning when the sun bathes the world in golden light. The combination of refreshing and warm notes creates a sense of awakening and optimism.


Summer fragrance concentrate

Experience the invigorating freshness of juicy lemons with the AIR-FIT LEMONKICK fragrance concentrate. This exceptional fragrance concentrate takes you on an olfactory journey to a sun-drenched citrus plantation, where the uplifting scent of lemons refreshes and invigorates your senses.

The AIR-FIT LEMONKICK fragrance concentrate has been designed with precision to infuse your environment with a refreshing and energising fragrance. The tangy scent of lemons immediately evokes associations of radiant sunshine and refreshing summer breezes.


Winter fragrance concentrate

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of winter with the AIR-FIT WINTERFUN fragrance concentrate. This exclusive fragrance concentrate takes you on an olfactory journey into the enchanting winter landscape, where the air is filled with freshness and clarity.

The AIR-FIT WINTERFUN fragrance concentrate has been carefully developed to enchant your senses and fill your surroundings with a magical winter atmosphere. The fragrance takes you into a world of snow-capped landscapes, crackling fireplaces and the calming silence of winter.


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Sales Manager for Wash System Chemicals

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