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Cleaning agent for petrol stations

STATION CLEAN is a powerful alkaline special cleaner for petrol stations and other operations with lubricants. Its special formula has been tailored to the effective removal of diesel and oil residues on petrol pumps and forecourts.


Cleaning Agent For Repair Shops

GARAGE CLEAN is an alkaline special cleaner for use in work shops, plant rooms and working halls. Its combination of high grease dissolving power and foaming cleaning makes it the ideal multi-purpose cleaner for greasy and oily grime in workshops.


Cleaning Agent For Wash Halls And Machines

The acidic special cleaner MACHINE CLEAN can be used for thorough and maintenance cleaning of the wash system. This product is also designed for use as a hall cleaner. It eliminates powerful grime deposits from the vehicle washing system, as well as lime deposits.


Cleaning Agent For Stainless Steel

STAINLESS CLEAN is a special cleaner for stainless steel com ponents without surface coating. It removes heavy dirt and grime, lime deposits and surface corro sion (rust film/rust pigments, e.g. caused by chlorides) and re-establishes the protective passivation layer.



Neutral Cleaning Agent

NEUTRAL CLEAN is a special detergent for cleaning wash systems. This detergent has a pH-neutral formula and is therefore kind to materials and non-corrosive. It reliably cleans metal, plastic and paint surfaces in car wash sys tems.


Cleaning Agent For Campers And Boats

CARAVAN CLEAN is a highly concentrated alkaline special cleaner, which has been developed for the selective or area cleaning of cam pers/ caravans, mobile homes and boats. Due to its special active formula, it can also be used as an effective insect remover.


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Sales Manager Car wash chemicals and car care products