NOVA the new dimension of commercial vehicle wash systems

For the first time, Christ & SVG Superwash presented the NOVA with its new "Christ DNA" at IAA TRANSPORTATION in Hanover

This system technology “NOVA” combines a new design with technology and fits harmoniously into the wider product line.

As a leading European manufacturer, SVG offers a complete range of products with modern washing technology to meet any requirement when washing trucks, buses, trolleybuses, vans, cars, recreational vehicles and rail vehicles.

It is a completely reimagined and redesigned commercial vehicle wash system that features the most innovative technology. This makes the NOVA yet another component of the CHRIST DNA.

The NOVA is equipped with the newly designed "BLADE PREMIUM illuminated" front cladding with an additional RGB display that shows the driver clear instructional animations to assist with entering, stopping and correctly positioning the vehicle. In addition, the correct positioning can be achieved using an ultrasonic sensor, which shows the driver the correct positioning in the wash system via colour signals/colour intensities, similar to parking aids for cars.

The Vitesse lateral high-pressure system is integrated into the portal beam and can be operated simultaneously with the wash with brushes during the forward cycle. In order to achieve an optimum wash result for different vehicle heights, the Vitesse is available in various heights. The high-pressure system can be equipped with moving, oscillating rotor nozzles or with rigid nozzles and can be operated at a pressure of up to 80 bar.

By integrating the lateral high-pressure system into our wash portal, the dimensions of the wash system have been reduced, increasing the maximum available wash length. In addition, this significantly reduces the wash time per vehicle, as the lateral wash with brushes and the high-pressure wash can take place simultaneously in the same pass.

Furthermore, the horizontal beam high-pressure has been integrated into the portal. Depending on customer requirements, this can be optionally equipped with oscillating rotor nozzles or with rigid nozzles.

The NOVA offers many other features and innovative solutions, such as automatic detection of the mirrorless camera systems found in new trucks, for which custom wash programmes have been created.

A new touchscreen operation terminal with a user-friendly interface has been developed to make the wash system even easier to use.

This is available as an option.

Experience our system technology and discover the other highlights of the new machine generation at our IAA stand in Hanover.

Innovation and design in perfect harmony

SVG is taking professional vehicle washing for customers to a whole new level using the most innovative technology, energy-saving and optimised washing quality, and elementary LED highlights, not to mention a brand-new design.

Mirco Völkl Managing Director, SVG Superwash 

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