Christ CADIS roll over wash unit faces an endurance test

The CADIS unit boasts a robust design and updated washing and drying systems.

What are the requirements of car wash operators and customers? This question is something we think about every day and is what drives us to continually improve our products.


The CADIS roll over wash unit from Christ has already become well-established in the car wash market in just a short period of time. Its popularity is why we decided to carry out endurance testing on the CADIS system, to enable us to identify opportunities to permanently improve it. The test cycle consisted of 60,000 vehicle washes and successfully highlighted the wealth of experience built into Christ's plant construction.

The new washing technology impressed throughout the test with streak-free cleaning and a washing process that made the vehicles gleam, followed by a drying process that left the vehicles almost entirely free of small droplets. The new design combines both ease of use and highly innovative technologies. The roll over wash unit features optimised programmes that can help the operator to achieve an increase in machine capacity of up to 10%. It ensures that customers feel safe when entering the car wash, while the wash results demonstrate the quality of the entire car wash system, even when running basic programmes.


Our constant efforts to improve the system have resulted in low noise emissions while also achieving a high throughput performance. These advantages are also very clear to the car wash customers. With each new development, we thoroughly consult with Christ customers so that we can assess the requirements of the car wash market.

The system combines significantly smaller outer dimensions with a comprehensive range of functions and a generous passage width of up to 2.7 metres.
The innovative XL wheel wash device can clean wheel rims up to 20 inches in size.
The brushes are a now larger in diameter and the control sequence is being updated and optimised regularly, leading to improved wash results.

The drying system has been redesigned and the flow optimised to provide approximately 15% more power. The system can also accommodate light commercial vehicles and SUVs.

Reproducible quality is crucial for Christ. That's why we test every single aspect of every car wash that we make before it is installed at the customer's premises. Furthermore, Christ offers a wide range of services that provide customers with rapid solutions in the event of a malfunction thanks to the comprehensive support offered by the Christ service team.

The CADIS system has also retained one of its most significant benefits for customers:
Our policy of using carry over parts and maintaining service vehicles equipped with a comprehensive range of Christ spare parts guarantees that we will be able to resolve any issues customers are experiencing quickly and carry out targeted repairs with a very high first-time-fix rate.

Customers who rely on Christ Wash Systems include

Aral, BP, Total, ENI, Tamoil, Star, OMV, Westfalen AG, Shell, Q1, Jet, BMW, VW, Score and many more!

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