Get off to a flying start in the spring car wash business and save up to 20%

The QUICK&BRIGHT shop product range – the ideal additional business for your shop or car wash centre

The new QUICK&BRIGHT shop product range from Christ Car Care has been designed for end users looking to take care of their vehicles inside and outside by hand using high-quality materials.

We recommend targeted application of the QUICK&BRIGHT product range to freshen up your car, especially in spring.

Try our products out at a special price, and witness their quality and effectiveness for yourself. We particularly recommend our sample package:

Quick&Bright shop products sample package

•  2 x 750ml WHEEL CLEANER rim detergent gel
•  2 x 750ml INSECT REMOVER
•  2 x 750ml GLASS CLEANER
•  2 x 500ml FINISH SPRAY finishing cleaner
•  2 x 500ml PLASTIC CARE
•  2 x 500ml SMELL BLOCKER odour neutraliser
•  2 x microfibre cloths, black
•  2 x microfibre cloths, white
•  2 x dusting and polishing cloths, blue

Are you interested in active resale of our shop products as a Christ AG resale partner? Get in touch with us. We can offer you, as an active reseller, special purchase conditions designed to make an attractive profit margin possible for you. We also support our resale partners in marketing and with attractive LED sales displays

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Self service pre-spray devices for the pre-wash area

Spring poses special challenges for vehicle washing.

For a start, many cars are in critical need of care after picking up dirt, salt and grit during the cold season. Then, as spring goes on, the first insects become active, with harmful results for vehicle paint.

By using a FLY-REX pre-spray tower or a mobile FLY-REX pre-spray device, the pre-wash area – in front of a rollover wash unit, for example – can be upgraded with an attractive pre-wash program. Customers are happy to pay extra to have their vehicles manually pre-treated before the main wash, as this ensures more thorough vehicle cleaning.

This gives you, the car wash operator, the opportunity to earn more from your wash unit and increases its appeal to customers.

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