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Xpress and CAR CARE, All about vehicle maintenance

A big advantage for you is that you get everything for fleet maintenance, from the vehicle washing plant to chemicals and accessories, from one source with leading innovator Christ, which saves you time and money and you get quality products that are geared for each other.

The CAR CARE products from Christ have been developed and produced in house for over 15 years, and are the perfect addition to the accessory range. 

You’ll find over 100 new products in our new Xpress catalogue, Xpress yourself! You can find even more attractive products starting right now in our Carwash Shop.

Get protective warning clothing for your safety. And important notice signs for auto-wash tunnels and roll over washing systems, like GTCs and operation guides, have been newly incorporated into our product range.
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Find the SOLO-TURBO compact vacuum cleaner here for perfect interior cleaning

After extensive redesign, the new compact SOLO-TURBO vacuum cleaner is more powerful than ever before with 270 mbar suction power. 

A high-performance, low-wear turbo version (side channel blower) is always used as the suction unit. This is available as an option for connecting to a 230 V or 400 V power supply.

The cleverly designed filter chamber system with front safe doors provides pressure stability and easy access to the fine filter.

This way to Christ’s product selection for your compatible SB vacuum cleaner » 
SALE “Solo-Turbo” SB vacuum cleaner, 230 volts, RAL 9007, includes LED constant lighting, electronic coin checker

Offer 230 Volt Solo SB vacuum cleaner

Offer 400 Volt Solo SB vacuum cleaner



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