APP APP Hurray!

No Money for CAR WASH? No problem!

Christ´s new Wwwash app makes it easy to start the car wash.
No money, no getting out of the car, no looking for the nearest car wash! There´s no simpler way to wash your car!


Major innovator CHRIST launched its new Wwwash app on YouTube on 19.12.2017. 

The smartphone is increasingly becoming a maid of all work. Users are relying on their "digital private secretary" with ever increasing frequency, taking advantage of it for as many things as possible in their daily lives, for instance: shopping, leisure activities, buying tickets, booking hotels, weather forecasts, news etc.

The smartphone is a notebook, address book, means of payment, map, lexicon and secretary, all in one.

Back in 2015 Christ was already giving some thought to the question:
"How can drivers use the app for the car wash and therefore wash their car as easily as possible and without the need for cash?"
"Why not also pay for the car wash and activate it by smartphone?"
No getting out of the car, no looking for money, just drive in, have the car washed and drive out with a clean car.

After many development stages, visits to exhibitions and discussions with potential suppliers, in the summer of 2017 Christ found a suitable supplier about whom everyone could agree. The app was developed.

This app has been available for downloading from Google and Apple in the AppStore since December 2017.

Christ customers and operators of our car washes are being informed about this development and advised to connect as many car washes as possible to our network. The app can now be used for operators of rollover car washes and SB self-service plants.

How does the app work for the customer?

Once the app has been installed on the smartphone the user registers him/herself and enters a valid credit card number or loads up his/her virtual wash credit using a SEPA direct debit.
When the account has been activated the participant can use the GPS function to find all the available car washes in the neighbourhood on a map. When the potential customer has decided on which car wash, the app guides him or her directly to it. If the potential customer selects a rollover car wash, the next step is to choose the wash program, confirm the Terms and Conditions, and the selected wash program is sent direct to the car wash by the "Start" button. The gate opens, the driver positions his car in the wash unit and starts the washing process. The receipt follows by email.

Christ car wash customers are delighted with a fast, uncomplicated and cash-free payment, just as operators are delighted with a trouble-free and staff-free transaction without the need to remove coins or tokens from the machine's cash box. With its "fleet management for major customers" or "time-based campaigns" it is out ahead of the competition.

There's nothing simpler.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Site identification
  • Push notifications for wash campaigns
  • Loyalty programmes for customer retention
  • Can be combined with a drive-in function
  • Optional function for flat-rate offers
  • Promotion facilities
  • All credit cards accepted
  • Simple accounting
  • Push notifications for wash campaigns

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