WHEEL MASTER 4D wheel washer

News from the wash factory: WHEEL MASTER 4D wheel wash device
The smart wheel wash device from Christ

The car wash professionals dispose of excellent inventiveness, exemplary innovation processes and create a bridge between the idea and the market success. Christ understands the wash business and the operator of the wash units and fulfils the requirements regarding the vehicle wash. As innovation leader the company is geared to developing and producing solutions which secure the permanent success of the investor and are unique on the market.


The Christ wheel wash system, tried and tested over several years, has received a considerable overhaul to meet future requirements in wheel washing, without cutting corners in terms of durability and reliability.


The large variations in wheel sizes and axle heights between small cars and SUVs have not been sufficiently covered by previous wheel wash systems.


The threefold height adjustment on the wheel washer and simultaneous use of the traction drive on the rollover wash unit can now offer a more intensive wash, covering a maximum surface area depending on the detected wheel diameter.


The wheel diameter is detected using a specially designed sensor unit on the vehicle. The WHEEL MASTER is now controlled using individually detected axle height and wheel diameter.

Its uses:

  1.  Optimum wheel wash result for all wheel sizes
  2.  4D technology with 3 working axes & mobility
  3. Continuation of tried and tested wheel wash system
  4.  High-pressure pre-wash with inclined wheel washed discs

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