The Christ Wash Office Pro VENDOR automatic pay station

The payment system in a modular system - cashless payment or payment with notes and coins at Christ car washes

The VENDOR burglar-proof automatic pay station is equipped with a modern touch-screen operating interface. Thanks to its compact external dimensions of only 70 x 50 x 48 cm the automatic pay station can be easily incorporated into the available wall installation frame in an existing building.


The VENDOR automatic pay station offers the following advantages:

  • Particularly suitable for service stations without operating staff.
  • Payment directly at the car wash.
  • Good customer acceptance as a result of a specially developed customer guidance system using a graphical user interface.
  • No other operating equipment necessary. Machine configuration is by means of the integral touch-screen operating interface.
  • Meets the requirements of the German Electronic Book-keeping Regulations (GoBD).


Expensive and vulnerable interfaces with third party systems are therefore avoided with VENDOR. You benefit indefinitely from continuous software updates which not only safeguard the functionality between the car wash system and the automatic pay station but will also be developed further in the future. Throughout the entire life-cycle you benefit from the proven Christ works customer service which includes both the car wash equipment and the automatic pay station.

In summary, the VENDOR automatic pay station includes the following features which make payment for the washing the vehicles possible:



  • Change given
  • Sale and updating of customer cards
  • Sale and activation of wash programs
  • Sale of car wash tokens with a bar code
  • Queue function - The VENDOR automatic pay station can collect payment for 2 further car wash customers while washing a vehicle. The wash programs are transmitted in turn to the car wash
  • Detailed invoices supplied
  • A rollover wash unit is controlled by a PVI interface
  • The export interface conforms with GoBD requirements


Payment options

  • Payment facilities using coins and notes
  • Payment facility using bar codes
  • Payment facility using Christ transponder cards
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Fleet cards


Benefits at a glance:

  • GoBD certified
  • Touch-screen operating interface
  • Receipt printer in the collection tray
  • Wash programs pre-installed inc. special prices (on request)
  • Optional installation of programs possible (on request)
  • Integrated loyalty programs e.g. couponing (on request)
  • Optional wall installation or free-standing installation
  • Burglar-proof case
  • Comprehensive analysis


This means that all possible payment systems are brought together in modular form in this device.


A range of fleet cards such as UTA, DKV, LogPay, NOVO Fleet can be used with the VENDOR automatic pay station.


The VENDOR automatic pay station is simple to operate, equipped with a user-friendly operating system which makes it possible for the user to quickly configure the device by means of a simple selection process.


The software offers the operator freedom of article configuration, customised pricing and bonus functions. All functions are easy to manage via the operator software.


The Wash Office Pro VENDOR automatic pay station is easy to link to Christ car wash technology using standardised interfaces. Your customers will be enthusiastic to find that they can pay directly at the car wash.


Less waiting time for added customer satisfaction and increased through-put at peak times.


Customer convenience, the wash experience and wash results are the priorities in our developments.


Another shining innovation from Christ!

More than a CAR WASH!

Have fun at the car wash!

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