The new one from Christ is VARIO SPEED!

How much Wash Power is there indeed under the hood?

Time is money. Especially in wash units of gas stations and car dealers every horsepower counts. No costumer wants to wait; it has to go quickly. Short program execution times increase the revenue of the operator.


Overview: What are the benefits for you as operator?


  1. 25 % more capacity
  2. less waiting period for your wash costumers
  3. special programs for short program execution times
  4. special wax device PROTECT-SHINE Xpress
  5. attractive„SPEED-Design“
  6. robust technology
  7. low maintenance costs
  8. new foam nozzles
  9. reduced chemical consumption


As usual extensive equipment possibilities with a lot of extras are available from the innovation professional. This is how the operator gets the special model VARIO SPEED with eight different passage heights from 2,250 to 3,100 mm and a passage width of 2,400 mm in the outside mirror zone.

A major plus

The equipment of the special model VARIO SPEED already contains a lot of extras.

Wash professionals will find the 140° swivelling horizontal blower with Opti Air function, tracks with tilt safety device, dry-running-switch, recycled water equipment, gentle wash material SENSOFIL+, splash protection for the horizontal brush, XL wheel wash device for wheels up to 21", 16 bar high-pressure pre-wash, 2 nozzles per side in the wheel wash device and 5 oscillating nozzles per side.  Furthermore the VARIO SPEED is equipped with the upstream foam nozzle with two spray heads, the special wax equipment PROTECT-SHINE Xpress, the LED positioning light, the energy management chain and the operation terminal VARIO-L.

The Shop-Terminal with wash code encryption, the wheel guiding pipes with a track of 2,050 mm, the 5.5 kW supply pump (100 l/min, 16 bar), the door control with winter operation, the two light barriers as well as the advertising material package with the corresponding signs and a program sign are further features. The basic equipment with Christ chemistry is always available for free.


VARIO SPEED washes so fast

VARIO SPEED enables everything from Quicki (3:20 min**) to the intensive wash and up to the comfort program or the polish wash (max. 5:20 min**). The active foam wash, the high-pressure pre-wash, the wash and the wheel wash are carried out during the first express forward cycle. Depending on the program selection the high-pressure pre-wash, the preservation and the drying with Fly-in function follow.


** Wash times measured with BMW 320 d Touring. Wash times might vary depending on the different measurements of the vehicle's length. Times for vehicle change are not taken into consideration.

A modern machine design rounds visibly off the quality of the VARIO SPEED "made in Germany". This means plus points especially with costumers with high-class vehicles. Colourwise everything is possible, the operator has an attractive choice from Racing Green to Pole Position Red to Speed Orange. The well-designed panelling made of coloured special plastic and with smooth surfaces facilitates the care of the installation and saves time. But beside the design the clear and explicit communication with the costumer is also important. Here the big positioning light and the explicit information regarding the maximum passage height and width score points.

Take the pole position - more speed for the wash business is impossible!

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