Contour-following high-pressure pre-wash system with turbo nozzles for wash tunnels


TURBOJET-FLEX enables effective and efficient high pressure cleaning of the front, rear and horizontal surfaces. The high-pressure nozzle unit is optimally guided over the vehicle contour with light barriers.

For an optimum front wash, 10 turbo nozzles spray onto the vehicle at the ideal spray angle. From the vehicle centre, the complete roof nozzle system swivels through 45 degrees and is switched to the 10 turbo nozzles for the rear area. With this, the rear area is also sprayed within the ideal spray angle.

A further 10 turbo nozzles clean the top area of the vehicle sides.

In total, the TURBOJET-FLEX is equipped with 30 turbo nozzles and thereby noticeably reduces the workload of personnel in the pre-wash area.

Car wash customers will also be delighted with this product innovation. The force of the turbo nozzles is even detectable inside the vehicle, and is perceived as a quality characteristic of the wash tunnel.

Another shining innovation from Christ!

More than a CAR WASH!


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