Variable high performance roof fans

In order to improve the drying performance in the rollover wash unit still further, the TURBO DRY option was developed as a variable drying system. This not only provides more performance for fan drying, but intelligently controls this performance. This means the TURBO DRY option can control fan performance in three levels.

Easy dry vehicle surfaces such as the engine hood and vehicle roof are dried in the 'ECO DRY' mode.

Vehicle areas requiring higher drying performance are dried in the 'OPTI-DRY' mode. Here, fan performance is increased in order to remove residual water more effectively.

Vehicle drying is complex to the front and rear of the vehicle because a lot of residual water can gather here. Maximum fan performance is utilised in the 'TURBO DRY' mode. This is approx. 30% higher than a standard fan. Residual water is removed with particular efficiency.

Operators looking to set themselves apart in the drying experience with a PREMIUM drying service need look no further than the TURBO DRY option.

Its uses:

  1. Improved drying to the front and rear of the vehicle
  2. Intelligent control based on vehicle contours
  3. Reduced programme running times, greater capacity, increased sales & revenue

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