High End Truck Wash in Münster 

the new profitable wash centre for truck and bus washes Westfalen AG in Münster

Our long-standing customer Westfalen AG from Münster has decided to add a generous profitable wash centre for truck and bus washes to its existing location at the Copenhagener Strasse 19 in 48163 Münster which offer e.g. fuels, mineral oils, hydrogen, electricity, car wash and a bistro.

Otto Christ AG was chosen for the implementation and delivery of the wash technology. The building concept was based on the existing location of Westfalen in Kerpen.

The building consists of three wash areas with a very spacious technical room, reception area and social wing. The equipment of the wash technology was planned carefully and on a long-term basis together with the company Christ.

It was important to the owner that every customer vehicle could be washed automatically. Therefore, each wash track was differently equipped. On one track the commercial wash system TAURUS with side JETSTREAM and roof beam JETSTREAM was installed.

The machine is equipped to optimally wash silo trailers, construction vehicles and special vehicles, among others.

The two other wash tracks were each equipped with the MAGNUM model to wash buses, vans, mobile homes and other vehicles and, of course, to wash trucks professionally.

All wash systems were equipped with a foam arch and an osmosis rinsing device in order to ensure a very good stain-free drying result.

Furthermore, all wash tracks are equipped with an underchassis wash device and a manual pre-wash device on the right and left side of the hall wall.

The complete pump technology including the high pressure stations were also supplied and installed by Christ. Westfalen AG has set up a highly modern profitable wash centre at this location and we would like to thank them for the trust they have placed in us and wish our customer lots of success and always full wash halls.


Hans-Werner Hertzsch, SVG Superwash



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