For effective pre-wash equipment

The new PREJET combines effective cold water pre-wash equipment combined with a state-of-the-art design. The wash system is particularly attractive to customers, as they can manually deep clean heavily contaminated parts of their vehicle before it moves on to the automated car wash.

PREJET technical highlights

  • High-pressure pre-wash at 85 bar
  • Low-pressure chemical application to pre-treat the rim
  • Low-pressure chemical application for insect remover
  • Sound- and heat-insulated housing
  • PLC control with internal touch display
  • Can be used by either an operator or an end customer
  • Optional ORBIT crossbar with effect lighting and pre-wash area lighting
  • Single or dual device
  • Option to choose colours
  • Payment system suitable for coins, chips or Christ value cards

What makes the PREJET an excellent choice for your business?

The high-pressure hose can be guided using either a flexible rod or the ORBIT crossbar system at two passage heights — so it's simple and comfortable for your customers to use.

The PREJET offers numerous customisation options. The eye-catching BLADE design elements on the housing and crossbar feature illuminated colour sections that form a holistic design line with the new CADI and VEGA roll over wash units, as well as other accessories such as the vacuum cleaner.

The new PLC controller for the device opens up a wide range of possibilities: The touch screen can be used to set opening hours, read out sales values, display technical information and indicate maintenance tasks.

PREJET operators are impressed by:

  • Additional revenue
  • Option to switch combination offers
  • State-of-the-art design and functionality
  • Easy operation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Optimal price/performance relationship
  • Customer loyalty as the system includes the VENDOR payment terminal

End users are impressed by:

  • Improved wash results
  • Ease of use


Find out more about this technology
Please see the attached brochure for highlights, technical information and all-round benefits for operators and customers alike.


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Memmingen, Germany, 28/09/2020

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