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The VEGA - Design meets efficiency
The VEGA in the new CHRIST design DNA

Our new VEGA system is designed to meet the highest possible requirements set by customers looking for a premium washing service. The specific requirements you have in relation to car wash centres and petrol stations were at the forefront of our minds during the development process. VEGA will add value to your business with its state-of-the-art, timeless design and will prove to be a real draw for customers. What’s more, VEGA operates with the lowest possible level of noise emission while achieving a high throughput performance (low emission, high performance).

For your customers, this equates to noticeably less waiting time and an impressive washing experience. The modular principle allows you to adapt the equipment to your specific site requirements. The low level of consumption and low maintenance costs enable you to maximise your yield.

With VEGA and its unique selling points within the premium segment, you will be in a position to assert yourself against your competitors and achieve impressive washing stats.

Technical highlights brought together in the VEGA system

  • ALUNOX front and rear cladding
  • PREMIUM side cladding
  • WASH VEGA XL moving program display
  • XL lateral blower
  • Jointed side brushes


Why the VEGA and what are the points that make the VEGA successful?


Intelligent lateral brushes

The positions of the lateral brushes can be monitored at all times using a special sensor system. Furthermore the lateral brush positioning process is controlled by frequency converters. This means that the lateral brushes can be moved smoothly around the entire vehicle.

A wheel washer that meets all customer requirements

Thanks to its larger diameter and new fill structure, the new wheel washing brush improves the cleaning performance. The wheel washing system is available in three different stroke lengths and can be adapted to meet specific customer requirements. The size of the height adjustment function on the Wheel Master has also been increased. This equipment can accommodate all wheels fitted on serially manufactured vehicles.

The drying function – quiet and efficient

The performance of the lateral and overhead blowers has been improved and achieves outstanding drying results. Noise emissions have also been reduced and the configuration of the frequency-response characteristic is highly convenient. This is an important point, especially with regard to the approval procedure and operation in urban areas.



Operators will be overwhelmed by:

  • numerous unique selling points for exclusive washing services
  • improved washing capacity & high yield
  • state-of-the-art design & functionality
  • optimum functional dimensions
  • easy operation
  • extremely low maintenance requirements
  • low operating costs
  • excellent value for money

End customers will be overwhelmed by:

  • visibly and tangibly the best washing, drying and shine experience
  • easy operation
  • show & experience
  • minimal waiting times

The TOUCH POS operating terminal communicates with your customers and the system in a modern and simple manner:

Find out more about the technology!
You can read about the highlights and technical details, as well as the overall benefits for operators and car wash customers in the enclosed brochure.

VEGA makes you shine.


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Memmingen 23/09/2020


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