Christ AG is making dreams come true in Bretigny sur Orge

on the edge of Paris

Superjetcar - The car wash to end all car washes - the name says it all

The former motor racing mechanics H. Baliki and H. Amiel are straight from the automotive industry; they have petrol in their blood and have now joined with Christ AG to construct France's largest car wash centre. The Serjetcar wash centre is located on the edge of Paris at Bretigny sur Orge. Three GENIUS model premium rollover wash units located alongside a large self-service wash area with 6 wash bays including XXL foam lances and a central vacuum system supplying various vacuuming stations are ready for every wash requirement. 


The car wash professionals insist that the wash centre is always manned with service personnel to greet every customer with a cheery "Hello", offer advice and provide him or her with all the help they need.

With a twinkle in their eyes Baliki and Amiel will tell you that their wash centre is the most photographed sight after the Eiffel Tower.

Ultra-modern payment systems enable customers to make cashless payments with credit cards or pay using coins, notes, tokens or a regular user's card. 


Video Superjetcar

Otto Christ AG – The Real Car Wash Factory


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