CAR WASH DAYS 2020 •  a lot of space for new ideas

let the CAR WASH DAYS start
Christ presents a completely newly developed product family in CHRIST-DNA

With the Christ CAR WASH DAYS, Christ AG is creating a new platform for information and communication. United under one roof, Christ is offering key professionals in the car wash industry the opportunity to meet each other in the car wash factory, against the backdrop of the new products. The aim of the event is to have our guests engage in dialogue, network, inspire and learn from each other, and to feel and experience the products up close and personal.

Why did we decide to hold an event like this?

Given the current situation and the postponement of trade fairs, we have been thinking about how we can engage with our business partners and how we can show our new products and developments to professionals in the industry. This is how the idea for our CAR WASH DAYS event came about. We would like to have people engage in dialogue in small, exclusive groups. We want to give our partners the opportunity to experience our product innovations before they are launched on the market and make the latest opportunities for a more successful car wash business accessible to them in a straightforward manner.

Customers, business partners, the press, developers, designers and enthusiastic mechanical engineers, all under one roof, for one day, that is the idea.

What will Christ have on show?
Christ will be unveiling brand new technology

We will have our newly developed product family “Christ DNA” on show for the first time.

Its functions will be demonstrated by the sales and development departments live on site.

All of the product areas of automatic vehicle washing will be presented. These will include roll over wash units, wash tunnels, self-service car wash systems, payment systems, washing chemicals and accessories for vehicle washing.




A total of 18 different innovations will be presented. The product innovations have been designed to make the automatic vehicle washing process even easier and more efficient for our customers and their car wash customers, while also improving the quality of the washing performance. The vehicle washing experience will be even more vibrant.

Innovation and design in perfect harmony
Christ is taking professional vehicle washing for customers to a whole new level using the most innovative technology, energy-saving and optimised washing quality and elementary LED effects, not to mention a brand new design.

We want to inspire people to take their vehicles through our car wash systems.


We are passionate about innovation
Your dreams and desires are what inspire us
to shape a prosperous future for all of us


More than CAR WASH,
be part of the Christ Group


Memmingen, 21/09/2020


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