Time to refresh the cockpit!

Do not miss our special offer for your wash customers!


We all know it - the neglected cockpit after the winter season. With our attractive special offer you can do something good for your wash customers!

Why not give your customers an interior cleaner set as a "give-away" to their premium wash?
In this way you can increase your programme share of premium wash.

Our recommendation for the interior cleaner set:

A 200ml spray bottle of INTERIOR CLEANER (interior cleaner) and a white microfibre cloth.
This set is willingly used by every driver and fits perfectly into the glove compartment.

P.S.: you can offer our special deal to your wash customers but also sell it for example for € 4,90 recommended retail price
(end customer price including 19% VAT)

The spray bottle has an end customer recommended retail price of around € 3.60
(end customer price including 19% VAT)

The microfibre cloth has an end customer recommended retail price of around € 1.30
(end customer price including 19% VAT)

Our special offer to you as wash system operator:

consisting of 30 pump spray bottles
(bottle filling quantity 200ml)
Application: for gentle, silk-matt cleaning of surfaces in vehicle interiors
(e.g. leather, vinyl, plastic)

special price: Only € 58,50 instead of € 88,20


1 box Quick&Bright microfibre cloth white
consisting of 200 pieces of cloths (40 x 40 cm)
Application: for the exterior or interior care of the vehicle.
Ideal for our Quick&Bright shop products.

special price: Only € 119,00 instead of € 179,00



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