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Manuela Wörle

Marketing | Communication

Phone.: +49 8331 857-180

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The new supply shelf from CHRIST

The new supply shelf from CHRIST. What’s on the inside matters too. The centrepiece of your wash bay is a completely revised system. The new high-pressure shelf from Christ has been designed to meet the needs of operators and helps you to save time and money.

Christ Wash Tunnel – Innovation and highlights in plain sight

Christ WASH TUNNEL. Innovation and highlights in plain sight Professionals and business partners will experience our innovative car wash technology up close and personal at Car-Wash-Days. Thanks to our SMART SCREENS, the FOAM SPLASH, and our RGB effect lighting, the wash tunnel in the showroom is a genuine highlight.

CADIS - The next generation of CAR WAH is now

CADIS roll over wash unit - The next generation of CAR WASH is now Our in 2019 successfully launched CADIS wash system, will be even more attraktive than ever from 22 September 2020 As a new special feature, the BLADEs are available in an illuminated version. In the basic equipped version, BLADE is unlighted and has a colour strip in one of the available Christ accent colours.

The PREJET for effective pre-wash equipment

The PREJET, For effective pre-wash equipment. The new PREJET combines effective cold water pre-wash equipment combined with a state-of-the-art design. The wash system is particularly attractive to customers, as they can manually deep clean heavily contaminated parts of their vehicle before it moves on to the automated car wash.

The new VEGA

The VEGA - Design meets efficiency The VEGA in the new CHRIST design DNA. Our new VEGA system is designed to meet the highest possible requirements set by customers looking for a premium washing service.


Christ 30% AKTION, TEXTILES WASCHMATERIAL Nutzen Sie jetzt unsere AKTION SENSOTEX+ Textiles PREMIUM-WASCHMATERIAL für schonende und höchste Reinigungsleistung Waschmaterial für 2 Seitenwalzen 1 Dachwalze, Portalwaschanlage inkl. Montagekosten, Anfahrt und Versand


Christ BUBBLEBRUSH, the new foam brush for a top-quality wash experience Improve your customers' wash experience and wash results with the new BUBBLEBRUSH from Christ. Your customers will love this innovative foam/brush technology and our new self-service cleaning product.