Otto Christ at the Equip Auto 2019 trade fair in Paris

Otto Christ AG will be presenting exclusively the following innovations at this leading trade fair for the car wash industry

Dates:                        15.10.2019 - 19.10.2019
Where:                       fair Paris, France
Stand:                         pavillon 1, stand 1 M002

Otto Christ AG – More than CAR WASH

As an innovation leader, Otto Christ AG presents the latest technology in roll over wash units, self service wash systems, wash tunnels as well as in water recycling systems, Christ-Xpress and Christ Car Care.
Under the banner 'Christ – More than CAR WASH' the latest vehicle wash solutions will be presented to a wide audience. Customers will get an impressive demonstration of how Christ, as a leading innovator, offers unique solutions for a successful wash business. This means a focus on: simple equipment operation, improved wash and drying performance, low operating costs, the wash experience for the end user, direct provision and service in the chemical sector and faster, more cost-effective customer service.

Roll over wash unit AQUATUS PRIME

The AQUATUS PRIME is the new top-of-the line model in the Christ line-up and one of the most innovative roll over wash systems available on the market. With this unit the wash customer has a free choice between a touchless wash and a Vitesse wash with wash brushes. It is also possible to combine wash programmes which include an highly intensive pre-wash with the touchless equipment. AQUATUS PRIME therefore offers a previously unknown flexibility and enables its operators to cover the market from fast basic wash to the premium segment. At the same time there is the possibility of significantly increasing the average wash price through new wash offers.


Car wash directly from your smartphone

Christ WASH APP offers an easy start to self-service wash.

The wash customer installs the Christ WASH APP on his smartphone and selects the desired wash unit on the display which is directly connected to the system.  After choosing the desired wash programme the wash unit can be directly started via your mobile phone. Payment is easily done by credit card. The invoice will be directly sent via e-mail.

For the unit operator, Christ WASH APP offers a very cost-effective opportunity to equip its product range with a highly innovative solution and create added value for the customer. It should be mentioned that thanks to attractive framework agreements you will only have a small initial investment and a cost-effective operation.  This makes the Christ WASH APP an interesting solution, especially for sites with low wash figures or as a supplement to normal operation at manned sites.

The system is highly automated and does not require constant maintenance.  The provider gains access to mobile marketing opportunities for example to grant Christ WASH APP users exclusive services such as price discounts or to advertise special offers directly to potential customers.

Christ WASH APP can be used with roll over wash units and self-service wash systems.

The advantages:

- easy car wash via smartphone (also for self-service wash mode)
- very cost-effective investment and operation
- mobile marketing platform integrated
- available for roll over wash units and self-service lance wash systems

FOAM SPLASH, XXL-foam curtain
This facility turns the foam application into a customer attraction.

The full surface application is provided via a mobile spray tube in the head of the wash unit with drip tray and foam generator. The application is also activated via an LED lighting console in the gallery and becomes a multicoloured experience.

During the development phase, the focus was on ensuring that two important points are covered during the application process. The foam application must not extend wash times compared to the previous system. This was achieved successfully thanks to the special tube. The rollover wash unit does not have an extended wash time with this optional fitting and achieves the same capacity as previously.

Contour-following systems require more time for this because the lifting/lowering times and scan times need to be included.

The large width of the spray tube also means very wide vehicles such as off-road vehicles can be fully covered from above. This means that the material consumption with FOAM SPLASH remains low.

FOAM SPLASH with the very narrow spray distance creates an optically ideal visible foam curtain, actively perceived by wash customers. The adjusted delivery and special foam consistency also makes this system relatively insensitive to wind. Otherwise, this could restrict function in the autumn with open doors.

The advantages:

- new wash experience for customers
- foam application over the entire vehicle width
- faster overflow without capacity loss
- no dripping during the drying process
- insensitive to wind

SKIP-XS single self-service wash system
The new single self-service wash system SKIP-XS rounds off Christ's lower range of self-service wash systems, while offering the same high-quality components and the proven operating concept of the larger self-service wash systems.  The compact technology container, optionally available in stainless steel, is particularly quick to install. SKIP-XS is therefore particularly suitable for the use of remaining areas.

Pavillon 1, Stand 1 M002

Benningen, 25.09.2019


Otto Christ AG - The Real Car Wash Factory


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