ORBIT - A vacuum cleaner with state-of-the-art technology and outstanding design

The elegant vacuum cleaner that is both convenient and efficient

These completely redesigned vacuum cleaners from Christ not only feature high-end technology, they also impress users with their state-of-the-art design.

Both the ECO and TURBO models have been completely redesigned and will now be marketed using a entirely new product structure. The basic model features a 1.6 kW side channel compressor and new dirt containers made of sturdy plastic with lever technology for easy and safe removal and locking. In addition to the completely redesigned housing with STRIPE, flexible hose return rods have been added to each set of suction fittings. These make the product convenient to handle and prevent the suction hoses from rubbing against the floor the entire time. To cover off all site-specific requirements, the SOLO (with one set of suction fittings) and DUO (with two sets of suction fittings) variants are also available, either as 230 V or 400 V versions.

You also have the exciting option of equipping the basic model with a design and performance package called BLADE PERFORMANCE.
With this package, the capacity of the side channel compressor is increased to a volume flow of 415 m³/h. In addition to the technology upgrade, the housing design can also be enhanced. The STRIPE visor on the basic unit can be replaced with another attachment which features an illuminated BLADE LED stripe.

Various colour concepts are available for this optional upgrade.
With this attachment, the front panel of the STRIPE lights up in a different colour. 


If you want to offer your customers optimum handling, choose the ORBIT upgrade package. 


As part of the above-mentioned performance improvements,

  1. stabilizers with integrated lighting have been fitted in order to illuminate the suction area, as well as
  2. suction ceiling booms to allow your customer to walk around the entire vehicle at their convenience without having to drag the suction hose along the ground.

An illuminated STRIPE is also incorporated into this feature in order to attract attention.

With the new vacuum cleaner series from Christ, you can offer your customers outstanding suction power, optimum handling and captivate them with impressive design right from the outset.


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Memmingen 23/09/2020

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