Know-how: More than CAR WASH!

Clear signage makes car washing easy, and Christ offers help! TOP-100 Innovator Christ provides new instruction signs for customers. Easier, safer car washing thanks to clear signage.


As a leading manufacturer of washing systems, Christ has examined and updated the signs on its washing systems according to the current legal situation together with a legal expert. This check concerned both general terms and conditions for use of car washes, as well as instruction signs describing how to wash and safety information.


Customers and operators of Christ washing systems should be assured that all legal requirements are fulfilled, starting with the day their systems are commissioned. Clear statements and instructions provide increased safety to both the operator and washers.


The focus was placed on significantly reducing the amount of text and replacing notes with easy-to-understand pictograms. Visual representations are able to be understood and perceived more quickly and easily by the consumer.

The new signs also take all current car technologies into account:  (automatic, passing widths, passing heights, mirrors, etc.).


Risks to washers due to "slipping, tripping, and crushing" have also been illustrated and addressed.


The signs are made of high-quality materials and designed for placement outdoors:  (aluminium base plate, colour printing with UV protection, lamination).


Thanks to their suitable dimensions, the new DIN A3 Christ instruction signs  fit any conventional indoor car wash facilities.


And one more thing: Christ customers benefit from receiving updated signs included with every machine delivery, so they're on the safe side right from the start.

Customers with existing Christ gantry car wash systems can simply order the current set of signs directly from our Xpress online shop at a low cost.




Christ - More than CAR WASH!

Memmingen, 12.02.2018

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