New petrol station in Vettweiß, Germany

Buir Bliesheimer petrol station Ltd washes with Christ

On Sunday, 5 January 2020, Buir-Bliesheimer (BB) petrol station Ltd opened its new petrol station in Vettweiß with a big open day.

The new flagship project of BB Ltd was completed in December 2019.

During the development of the project, Mr Michael Koch (BBAG/BB) and Mr. Thomas Erkert (Agravis Raiffeisen AG) made sure to have optimal customer guidance, large roads and an all-round successful product and range of services. In the petrol station shop the potential car wash customer is welcomed by large displays indicating wash prices. These show the compact wash range for a quick wash programme selection at the POS. It should be particularly emphasized that the Christ shop terminal is linked to the existing cash desk from the company Huth. This makes it possible for the salesman to operate via the central cash desk. A modern roll over wash unit, the Christ VARIUS, operates in the wash hall.

This wash system fascinates the customers with the foam curtain FOAM SPLASH, VISUS display, special wax device PROTECT SHINE EXPRESS and the premium drying TURBO DRY. At the side, the customers can carry out the interior cleaning before and after the car wash.

The central vacuum cleaner HURRICANE convinces by all means. Central operation terminal, high suction power, compressed air pistols for interior cleaning and additionally the mat cleaner CAR-MAT.

And for those who prefer to clean their vehicle in a wash bay, the 2+1 wash bay is a convenient place to do so. The LED lighting concept and the pre-wash with the BUBBELGUN thrill the wash customers.

The modern shop with the innovative Schärf coffee concept convinced us completely at the opening.

Stefan Schwarzer / Sales manager for roll over wash units
Memmingen, 30 January 2020


The LED lighting concept thrills the wash customers



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