The perfect paint sealing

as the key to a successful wash business with an attractive chance of return


The premium range of chemicals from Christ satisfies the highest claims in the wash sector. The high-quality formulas are perfectly matched to the requirements of modern wash systems. They are outstanding due to their extremely sparing consumption combined with top performance, resulting in optimised costs per wash.


Christ recommends the new NANO FINISH, the Nano Premium protector, for car wash systems in the domain of preservation/paint sealing. NANO FINISH provides maximum gloss sealing with a long-lasting water-repellent effect and clear visibility through front and side windows.


NANO FINISH  is used pure in the wash unit and is sprayed

on the vehicle by means of the spraying arch. NANO FINISH seals the cleaned surfaces and thus forms a protective armour on the paint which protects it against environmental influences such as dust, insect remains and in particular road salt, etc. This means that the vehicle is optimally protected against all weather influences at any time of the year. Regular use protects the paint and thus helps maintain the value of the vehicle.

The additional benefit for the wash customer through the use of NANO FINISH in the wash system should therefore be marketed offensively. Sold as a programme add-on or sold with higher-quality wash programmes, this provides an excellent opportunity to increase the average wash price. With an average consumption of only 10 to 15 ml NANO FINISH per vehicle, there is an additional attractive return opportunity for the system operator.



NANO FINISH can be used in the roll over wash unit and in the wash tunnel as well as in the self-service wash system.

Suitable advertising material that visualize the "protective armour" and convey the value of the vehicle are also available for the Nano Premium protector NANO FINISH.

Our products can be used in water preparation units (gravel filters and/or biological units). The products are biodegradable, free of AOX (adsorbable organic halogens), free of NTA and comply with national and European legislation.

Ulrich Schiedewitz / Sales manager Christ CAR CARE
Memmingen, Germany, 07/10/2019


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