More than TRUCK WASH
SVG Superwash at the IAA 2018 (20-27/09/2018)

The innovative product range for mechanical commercial vehicle washing


Our trade fair highlight was the “TAURUS” car wash with the JET-STREAM special high pressure unit. The system was developed especially for courier, industrial and disposal companies, as well as commercial vehicle wash units. The optional JETSTREAM special high pressure reduces the work time for manual high-pressure pre-cleaning by the pre-washer, e.g. for silo HGVs, disposal vehicles and special vehicles by up to 80%. If the vehicle has to be manually pre-cleaned, up to 60 minutes of work time (2 people each working for 30 minutes) can be saved.

This is in addition to a unique, optimised wheel cleaner thanks to the combination of foamed chemicals and powerful high pressure cleaning. The new HD-TURBOCANNON can be integrated into the roll over in addition to the JETSTREAM or also as a separate unit.

As the second piece of machine technology, we also showed the “MAGNUM-5” on our trade fair stand, which is equipped with five brushes for optimised semi-stationary or drive-over washes.

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