More than a CAR WASH - the next generation textile car wash!
MICRO-X, attractiveness and performance thanks to micro-fibre technology

MICRO-X is the result of systematic further development of Christ textile vehicle washes which have proved their worth up to the present time. This new premium wash material impresses by an even better cleaning performance, an enhanced shine on the vehicle paintwork and its fine texture which ensures that those difficult parts of the bodywork are reliably cleaned.

Micro-fibre materials have a very good image among end-consumers. This can be effectively used as a unique selling point when marketing the service station. Lasting up to 50,000 washes, MICRO-X is extremely robust when properly looked after and used.

MICRO-X offers the following advantages in use:


Gentle: Because of the reduced immersion depth of only 4-6 cm, the MICRO-X micro-fibre material slides gently over the paintwork. The smooth washing process increases the shine.

Durable: The low contact pressure provides an extended working life of up to 50,000 washes at a reduced rotational speed of only 100 rpm.

Hard working: The needle-like structure of the MICRO-X fibre is particularly long-lasting and loses almost no filaments in the lower area of the side brushes. The density of the bristles therefore remains unchanged over a long period.

Light: The MICRO-X micro-fibre material absorbs less water than standard textile wash materials. The micro-fibre absorbs no water in the fibres themselves. The wash material therefore remains lighter and operates with a reduced mass movement.

Dimensionally stable: The three-layered structure of MICRO-X means that the length and shape of the material remains unchanged. This ensures that the machine operates consistently and with the best cleaning results.

Promotional effect: Micro-fibres have a good image among end-customers and can be used in marketing the vehicle wash.

Cleaning: MICRO-X fibres absorb no water. The fibres therefore remain largely free from dirt. Dirt can be more easily removed from the spaces between the fibres. The mechanical parts of the machine therefore look more attractive and appealing.

Warranty / approval: With MICRO-X, Christ is offering its own micro-fibre material which has the necessary CE machinery approval. The operator also benefits from the Christ manufacturer's guarantee.

VDA (German Automotive Industry Association) approved:  MICRO-X complies with VDA requirements for maximum loads on vehicle components. This therefore guarantees safe and gentle machine operation.

Quiet wash process: The MICRO-X wash material also impresses by its low noise level when in operation. This creates consumer confidence even in the wash methods in which the car wash customer remains in the vehicle.


MICRO-X is available for the following car wash models with or without the Christ jointed brush: CENTUS, VARIUS, GENIUS, PRIMUS, QUANTUS, VARIUS 1+1, VARIUS TAKT and AQUATUS PRIME.


Retrofitting is possible for the above models of the Christ rollover wash units without the need for conversion, provided that the machine is already fitted with direct drives. The number of revolutions per minute is easy to set with the machine control system.


Another shining innovation from Christ!

More than a CAR WASH!

Enjoy the car wash!

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