GoWash! Or wash and go

With the help of our partner Constant Clean, GoWash! recently opened its eighth car wash in Jönköping, Sweden.

The first milestone was already achieved when the first car wash opened in 2016. Two companies continued their successful partnership with the opening of this eighth wash park and are currently working together on the additional installation of a fully equipped four-bay self-service wash system.

User-friendliness and an appealing design guarantee the success of the system. Thanks largely to a central automatic pay station for contactless payments and the ability to issue RFID cards, the smooth washing process is likely to increase customer retention. This project also marked the first time that the CHRIST logo was used on the new SKYLINE steel construction with its four distinctive anodised aluminium corner panels. Additional features such as the XXL foam lance for pre-cleaning, a TURBO foam brush and an additional open sky wash bay complete the self-service wash system.


As well as cleaning the outside of your vehicle, the self-service wash system also boasts a double vacuum system for cleaning the interior.

Thank you to GoWash! for an excellent partnership and we look forward to working on many more interesting projects together.

Stefan Kraffczyk
Area Sales Manager


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