Get your wash system ready for winter

ready for winter


Winter makes special demands of washing technology. Cold, snow, ice and road salt are a challenge for the machinery and the water quality. But whoever successfully meets these challenges also has the opportunity to significantly increase the average wash price by selling higher-quality washes, including the under-chassis wash.

You should therefore get your wash system ready for winter, and ensure that you have appropriate availability. This will make you a reliable partner for your wash customers.

It is particularly important to consider the following:

Check your under-chassis wash unit
Has the routine maintenance been carried out (cable or swivel mechanism, high-pressure pump oil change and oil fill level check etc.)?
Have the high-pressure lines been checked in accordance with BGR500 by an expert, i.e. your service technician and replaced if necessary after an appropriate running time, as prescribed by the professional / trade association?

Check your wash hall
Does the door actuation and door control work properly?
Does the heating work?
Is your wash hall winter-proof (safe from potential slip hazards etc.)?

Check your wash system
Is the wash material of a high quality and visually in perfect condition?
Has the routine maintenance and inspection work been carried out in accordance with the check list and noted in the logbook?
Are the nozzles in perfect condition so that nothing can stand in the way of an optimal wash result?

Check your water preparation unit
Is the conductivity measuring probe in perfect working order? This is very important for ensuring that you have appropriate water quality and therefore washing quality, even in the winter months?
Has the maintenance and checking work been carried out in accordance with the checklist and documented in the logbook?


Supplement to the checklist for customers:
Preparation check list for winter operation for portal roll overs

  1. Check the separation technology / trigger disposal at a high filling level
  2. Check floor heating and existing pre-wash plate if necessary
  3. Adjust the lighting times for the wash hall, pre-wash place, self-service vacuuming
  4. Prepare wash offers with windscreen washer, frost protection mat, coffee for waiting area etc.
  5. Provide grit
  6. Protect pre-wash place against frost damage
  7. Check self-service vacuum cleaner and take care of maintenance backlog if necessary
  8. Activate heater for mat cleaner
  9. Use summer / winter operation signs (interchangeable frame for quick replacement)
  10. Switch over to door control if there is a risk of frost (as of +3°)
  11. Clean the hall and machine more frequently depending on the degree of soiling
  12. Check the salinity and pH value of the recycled water.
  13. Change over the AIT FIT fragrancing system to winter fragrance
  14. Store washing chemicals to protect them from frost
  15. Check stocks and ensure that sufficient quantities are available
  16. Read the water meters daily (high fresh water demand in the event of extreme salinity)
  17. Check the advertising medium on the station and replace if necessary (flags, signs, posters, straps etc.)
  18. Provide suitable protection systems if there is a risk of slipping and/or snowslides (from roofs)
  19. Organise snow clearing service
  20. Check pre-washer work clothing (maintenance of industrial health and safety standards)
  21. Check work instructions for operating personnel, train
  22. Carry out risk analyses
  23. Activate cinema advertising (new employees wanted + winter wash promotion)
  24. Winter wash promotion on homepage & social media
  25. Check machine maintenance, trigger if necessary
  26. The opening hours of the wash system should be clearly shown on wash voucher, wash card, wash hall. Closed doors are interpreted by the end consumer as “closed wash system”.


Wash bay - check the following points in order to make your wash bay ready for winter business:

  1. Fan heater and additional heating functions
  2. Frost protection circuit functions, including controller and pump
  3. Underfloor heating functions
  4. Functions and maintenance condition of the wash bay’s heating system
  5. Inspection in accordance with the maintenance chapter in the operating manual for your washing equipment


We would be pleased to assist you in preparing your plant engineering for winter.
We therefore have the following special offer for you.

Winter promotion package 1 – Under-chassis wash device
The promotion price includes:

  • Wire rope replacement or checking of the swivel mechanism
  • Wire rope clamp replacement or checking of the swivel mechanism
  • Replacement of the solid rubber wheels or the swing cylinder cups
  • Nozzle replacement
  • Checking of the plastic rollers or lubrication of the swing cylinder
  • Checking of the overall equipment of the under-chassis wash unit
  • Lubrication of all moving components
  • Cleaning of the proximity switches

The price for travel, labour and materials was 475.00 EUR, but is now only 399.00 EUR for work commissioned by 31/12/2019.

Winter promotion package 2 - Prescribed HP check by an expert
The promotion price includes:

  • Checking of the high-pressure system of your wash system by an expert
  • Documentation of the check
  • Travel costs for the replacement of any worn-out or defective components

Your advantage:

  • Accidents involving injuries will be prevented
  • Looking after safety will give you good availability of the system for more turnover
  • The check is not voluntary; it MUST be carried out by an EXPERT once per year
  • YOU as the operator are RESPONSIBLE

The package price was 475.00 EUR, but is now only 399.00 EUR for work that is commissioned by 31/12/2019.

Of course, you are always welcome to contact us with questions about washing technology. Our service personnel are available for you by telephone 08331 857 101 or by e-mail
We wish you every success with your winter washing business!

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Stefan Bernhard, Head of Service Management 01/10/2019

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