This facility turns the foam application into a customer attraction.


The vehicle is vigorously lathered with the layer of foam and illuminated with the built-in LED lighting console to great effect. The colour of the lighting can be varied.


The attractive FOAM WALL is the perfect choice of product for increasing the average price of a car wash. It can be sold as an additional programme or integrated into the premium programmes.


The changeable front plate can be lettered on both sides (e.g. as a seasonal offer with Christ Car Care FOAM REX insect foam) and will be illuminated with white LED stripes when the programme is activated.


The FOAM Wall can be obtained as an optional add-on to the Christ Aluminium Arch or as a free-standing design with its own DURAPROTECT frame.


The free-standing version can also be set up with wash gantries, and the chemical products used (e.g. Christ Care BLASTER) can be sold as an add-on programme. The DURAPROTECT arch’s front cover can be optionally lettered (e.g. with the BLASTER design).

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