FOAM REX insect foam - a market first

The ideal product for spring and summer!


Spring and summer present special challenges for car washes. Evan after a short drive on a country road, the front of the vehicle and windscreen are covered in insect strikes. If not removed, the insect residues can burn into and damage the paintwork due to the high temperatures and bright sunlight so it is important to wash the vehicle regularly.


A special seasonal product designed to dissolve insect residues offered as part of a special offer wash programme can encourage customers to regularly wash their vehicles.


To this end, Christ Car Care recommends the new Foam Rex insect foam. Foam Rex is a newly developed special foam with insect solution formula and fresh Alpine fragrance.


Foam Rex insect foam can be directly used in the foam spray device in wash tunnels and roll over vehicle wash systems. However, Foam Rex insect foam is also perfectly suited to use with foam lances in self-service plants. Especially in combination with the new and consumption optimised Christ XXL-BUBBLEGUN, an optimum foam spread is achieved with lower operating costs.


To draw the attention of customers to the insect foam special offer, Christ Car Care offers an appealing and comprehensive advertising package for car wash operators, which can be displayed outside or in the shop/cash till area.

Foam-Rex insect foam, like all other Christ Car Care car wash and care products, meets the requirements of the VDA seal and offers a top price/performance ratio.


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