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Otto Christ AG is in the TOP 100 once again Leaders of innovation 2018

Überlingen – For the 25th time, the competition TOP 100 has identified the most innovative companies amongst small and medium-sized German companies. This year, Otto Christ AG can count itself among these leaders of innovation. This is based on analysis by the scientific director of TOP 100, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke. Alongside Dr. Franke and compamedia, the mentor of TOP 100, Ranga Yogeshwar, will honour the company from Benningen, Germany at the awards ceremony in Ludwigsburg on 29th June 2018 as part of the 5th summit for small and medium-sized German companies. This is the third time that Otto Christ AG has been named amongst the innovation elite. During the independent selection procedure, the company, which employs 1400 people, won over the judges primarily due to its innovatory success.

The family-owned company Otto Christ AG has been one of the leading manufacturers of car wash systems in Europe since 1963. Located in Benningen near Memmingen in Bavaria, the company has been family-owned since the year it was founded in 1879 and provides its customers not only with machine technology but also with washing chemicals which are developed in-house not to mention an entire range of accessories and intelligent payment systems that are linked to the machinery as part of a complete car wash management concept.

Close cooperation with customers is an important building block of the company’s innovation management system. The company also relies on the inventiveness of its 1400 employees. “We involve all of our employees, right down to the assembly workers on the production line, in the brainstorming process,” stresses Sales Director, Andreas Ginnow. Good ideas are discussed as part of the continuous improvement process and if the idea is implemented successfully, the individual who is responsible for the idea is remunerated. Brief meetings are held in all departments on a daily basis to facilitate the exchange of information.

Some examples of outstanding innovation from the current product portfolio:

One of the most recent examples of outstanding innovation by the TOP 100 company, which has now won the award three times, is the rollover wash unit AQUATUS Prime. Customers have the option to clean their vehicles in touchless mode using only a chemical and high-pressure cleaning system or with conventional textile brush technology. Thanks to innovative scanning technology, programs can be set up in a flexible manner without making any compromises.

In the rollover unit VARIO SPEED, a special-purpose wax polish is applied and rubbed in by way of a separate spray system and special-purpose programming without extending the duration of the washing cycle. This means that the operator benefits from shorter waiting times and, as such, greater performance with a consistent level of cost and chemical reduction.

In the self-service wash bay sector, the new foam lance pistol XXL-BUBBLEGUN is an innovative concept in which a single pistol can run 3 different wash programs.
This saves on fresh water, washing chemicals and energy at the same time.

With the innovative payment station VENDOR and the new mobile CAR WASH app, Christ has been able to complement its range of machine technology with state-of-the-art payment systems and digital communication tools that enable the operator of the system and the end consumer to use the car wash systems in a user-friendly manner without the need for personnel.

All the signs point towards innovation at our wash systems plant! New ideas, innovative products and digital transformation in the vehicle washing sector are the keys to our future, and these are what drives us on. We take on the challenges stemming from new vehicles and digitalisation, for example simplifying cashless car washing, and we are committed to customer convenience.

We are inventors, we are manufacturers, and we are passionate about the machines we make. We're More than CAR WASH! That is the motto of the Car Wash Specialists.

M. Wörle, Memmingen 29.06.2018

TOP 100: the competition
compamedia has been awarding the TOP 100 seal for exceptional innovation and outstanding innovatory success to small and medium-sized companies since 1993. Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke has been responsible for the scientific direction of the competition since 2002. Franke is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar is the mentor of TOP 100. The project partners are the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research and the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. The competition is supported by its media partners manager magazin, impulse and W&V. More info at

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