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The new generation of roll over wash units features a new, timeless design DNA and a time-saving wash course. Following the introduction of the CADIS and VEGA models, the ALPHA is now joining the range.

The ALPHA impresses operators and wash customers with its modern and timeless design. As with CADIS and VEGA, its visual appearance—its DNA—has been extensively redesigned and combined with the functions of the machines.

The distinctive “BLADE” design element is used for targeted communication, just as it is for all Christ products.

The “BLADEs” simplify the driving in, stopping and correct positioning of the vehicle for the wash customer.

Design meets efficiency: ALPHA — Roll over wash unit
With the new ALPHA, Christ is meeting the needs of car wash centres and petrol stations.
The ALPHA operates with low noise emission, meaning it can be installed anywhere.
More capacity, less waiting time, more yield:
The washing capacity is a result of the high throughput and increases customer satisfaction due to the short waiting time. Higher throughput yields more profit for operators.
It is environmentally friendly thanks to its reduced energy and water consumption. The Christ water preparation units can further support this effect. Low consumption and low maintenance costs pave the way for maximum revenue for the operator. The modular design allows for precise adaptations to site-specific requirements.

Let the ALPHA shine for you.

Benefits of the ALPHA for the operator:
• XL lateral blower
• Jointed lateral brush
• Vitesse side high pressure
• PREMIUM lateral cladding

Everything is possible — different BLADE variants give Christ customers the choice between

• Backlit plastic according to the Christ colour palette

2. PREMIUM side facing
• Completes the modern machine design
• Hard-wearing and easy to clean

• Illuminated RGB display of the wash cycles

4. Wheel guiding tubes with RGB
• Effect lighting

5. PREMIUM lateral splash protection
• Solid and easy-care plastic for clean hall walls

The ALPHA, the details make the facility successful for customers:
With this model too, the equipment can be freely selected in the modular system.
The optional jointed side brushes enable a full-surface lateral wash in each overflow due to enlarged contact surfaces. Only Christ offers optimum contour detection, maximum cleaning performance, low and even contact pressure, which ensure efficient and gentle cleaning at low immersion depths.

Other features such as Vitesse lateral high pressure, active foam with upstream fan nozzles, oscillating lateral high pressure, WHEEL MASTER, ski box detection are available as options.

The PROTECT SHINE Xpress polishing program additionally adds maximum gloss to the paint without prolonging program times.

ALPHA lateral Vitesse power
Short customer waiting times are an important competitive advantage in the car wash business. Our solution to this challenge is the Vitesse concept!

Vitesse programs combine the prewash with active foam, the lateral high pressure and the brush wash in one pass. This eliminates the need for two separate passes and boosts facility capacity to up to 20% higher than conventional roll over wash units.
This concept in this form is only available from Christ and is an absolute winner of an equipment feature in terms of value for money.

• Active foam with upstream fan nozzles
• Oscillating lateral high-pressure wash
• Brush and wheel wash in the same pass
• Unique wash experience
• No need for two portal trips
• Up to two more washes per hour – reduced waiting time = increased customer satisfaction
• 20% more capacity = 20% more sales potential – saves over 90 seconds per wash

FOAM SPLASH, function meets emotion in a single unit
More is possible! An eye-catcher for customers. The broad active foam application is carried out in a fast pass without loss of capacity, and is illuminated from behind by an LED light organ. A drip tray prevents subsequent dripping and ensures sparkling drying results. The show element differentiates the Christ operator from the competition and can thus increase the average wash price. Alternatively, the FOAM SPLASH can also be used for wax application.

WHEEL MASTER - The intelligent wheel washing system is the answer to the increasingly diverse range of wheel and rim sizes.
The intelligent wheel washing system uses sensors to detect the wheel position and diameter and automatically selects the appropriate wheel washing program.
Multiple, offset operation ensures even large rims are optimally covered.
The system optimally covers wheel sizes from small cars to SUVs.

• Optimum wheel washing result for all wheel sizes
• 4D technology with 3 working axes & mobility
• Continuation of tried-and-tested wheel washing system
• Stroke extension available as an option

TURBO DRY: Power drying that is fast, quiet and intelligent at the same time.
TURBO DRY is an intelligent drying process that controls the performance level in relation to the surface of the vehicle. Drying works with three power levels, optimising energy efficiency.

The power levels vary according to the body section, while the program run time remains the same. The maximum capacity of the roof drying is increased by 33% to 2x 4 kW. The maximum blower output is used on complex areas of the vehicle such as the front and rear area. The blower output is reduced to the minimum level required for surfaces that are easy to dry. This ensures a perfect balance between energy conservation and drying performance.

We recommend combining this with RGB wheel guiding tubes and RGB lighting effects in order to draw your customers' attention to this option as a wash experience.

The ALPHA SILENT blower concept
• 15% more power thanks to a flow-optimised drying system
• Horizontal blower swivel range of 2 x 60°
• Wider extra large horizontal blower
• Lateral blower/drying height 1900 mm
• Specially designed for light commercial vehicles and SUVs

Communication between human and machine
The easy-touch TOUCH POS operating terminal with lighting
Ideal for drive-in operation, accent colours can be selected.

Self-service variants:
• Value card reader
• PIN code system
• Barcode scanner
• Integrated bank card terminal
• Coiner
• Wwwash app

Trimming highlights:
• Enlarged brush diameter
• Specially coordinated wash materials: POWERBRUSH+ | SENSOFIL+
• Optimised immersion depth for a better wash result
• 33% greater density of trimming

Why end users will prefer to wash their vehicles in an ALPHA from Christ:
Car wash users will be impressed by the visibly optimised washing, drying and shine experience. They will also be enthusiastic about the ease with which the TOUCH POS terminal guides them through the use of the car wash. Short waiting times will make a smooth vehicle washing process the norm. The quiet drying process visibly removes water and, thanks to the flow-optimised, swivelling horizontal nozzles, serves as an impressive end to the wash.

The end users can see what's happening, which provides a fascinating washing experience for them.

Made by people for people

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